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May 2, 17, 5:08 pm
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Looking for access SFO

05/02 / SFO / Terminal 3 / ITravelThereforeIam / +1

here till 7pm local time.. anyone available to guest me in, please?
Forum: S.P.A.M.
Feb 29, 16, 11:40 am
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Has anyone tried to redeem points lately, or contact Customer Service? When I try to redeem points, it asks for my birthday now (new to me?!) and then says it can't validate me. When I call the...
Dec 4, 15, 9:35 pm
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^^Thanks Ruhr....I am actually going to Denver...

^^Thanks Ruhr....I am actually going to Denver the week after, for a ski trip, and just can't bring myself to waste a trip...Isn't there some magnificient airport or even just an airport hotel I...
Dec 4, 15, 5:02 pm
Replies: 486
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I got way over on PQM, and PQS. But I find I am $323 short of the PQD to requalify God....and believe it or not, there is no where I want to go...Suggestions on a quick "spend run" from TUS, PHX or...
Nov 10, 15, 1:06 am
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if only MR still meant something.....but i found this one, on the dates OP used, though UA

Now, how do I get to DEN from TUS without spending 500bucks? :-)
Forum: MilesBuzz
Aug 13, 15, 5:37 pm
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easy points. Thanks OP! ^
Aug 26, 14, 9:26 am
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This survey was pretty useless from my...

This survey was pretty useless from my perspective. I wonder how much money they are going to waste on THIS. PLanes not falling out of the sky have nothing to do with TSA. I wear medical devices 24/7...
Feb 18, 14, 9:12 am
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still down

Long lines in phx. They are checking people in who have printouts of their itinerary, in the order of flight departure...

I finally make it to gold and the weather and technology are conspiring to...
Feb 11, 14, 5:24 pm
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le meridien SFO

Bupkiss.....nothing...nada...not even recognized as platinum. Unable to extend check out until 4pm, and not even a welcome amenity. oh wait, there WAS a bottle of water...and I did get a massive...
Oct 31, 13, 4:24 pm
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not to get off topic of how or why to correct posts ;-) but much thanks to the OP for this. I had not gotten the email, but I will see if it is still available. I maintained gold with ease for more...
Oct 27, 13, 5:07 pm
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are we sure it isn't just taking a picture of our fingerprint and logging it in to some giant database? If I touched the screen with a band-aided finger, would they allow that? Not that I am...
Sep 14, 13, 10:53 am
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can host IAH

I can host IAH
9/22 1130am - 100pm
10/2 6 - 8:30pm
Sep 14, 13, 10:45 am
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Castles of the Loire

Me and my 70 year old mother will be adding two days to our trip to France and spending them in Tours, the heart of Castle Country. We plan to book one of the little van companies that operate there,...
Aug 21, 13, 3:31 pm
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the reason for Long Beach was because when I...

the reason for Long Beach was because when I called the LAX westin, the connection was really bad. I said I was at LAX and was seeing availability at the hotel on the web site but not able to book a...
Aug 21, 13, 2:47 pm
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oh yeah, i absolutely agree on not biting the...

oh yeah, i absolutely agree on not biting the hand that is giving me a handout, but the voucher is only about $20 more than my actual expenses, and not enough to get anywhere without additional...
Aug 21, 13, 2:15 pm
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Voucher in lieu of reimbursement?

Due to circumstances at the departing gate in ORD on 7/31, I missed my LAX connection to TUS. I was told by a nice lady in the terminal 7 Club, and it was confirmed by the Elite call center, that...
Aug 13, 13, 12:47 pm
Replies: 86
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Thanks for the thoughts. The delay was not on my...

Thanks for the thoughts. The delay was not on my end. Teddy, the FA was up as soon as he could reasonably get up and had my computer bag in his hand. As the door opened, he handed it to me and said...
Aug 12, 13, 2:29 pm
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Stranded in LA again

Pardon the long email. I would appreciate useful and constructive input on if I should have done something differently on this particular situation.

Basically, UA 1499 on 7/31 ORD - LAX was...
Jul 12, 13, 5:12 pm
Replies: 33
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my recollection of my first trip to paris in the...

my recollection of my first trip to paris in the late 70s is that the carnet tickets were blue...but that was many passports ago.....i didn't know they didn't expire, as I have several yellow ones...
Jul 6, 13, 4:05 pm
Replies: 170
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Ok thanks. no disrespect intended to those who...

Ok thanks. no disrespect intended to those who have been impacted. I have been in radio silence and hadn't heard. No need to get snotty
Jul 6, 13, 3:57 pm
Replies: 170
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Question phone issues?

Is something going on? I have been on hold for 30 minutes, supposedly calling the "elite number"... and this is the third time today I have tried. The first two times I gave up after 15 minutes. What...
Jun 6, 13, 12:03 am
Replies: 177
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what is the noise from? in house club? out in the street? Is it better if you are higher or lower, farther from elevator...? I am all for relaxed vibe, as long as it doesn't interfere with sleep,...
Forum: Trip Reports
May 29, 13, 10:37 pm
Replies: 60
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excellent TR

Thanks Tashir...this is amazing...perhaps I need you to help me use 500K UA miles. Your camera takes such sublime photos! thanks again!!^
Aug 8, 12, 5:57 pm
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at least there isn't a bronze level....

As the Olympians well know, silver isn't the same as gold, but for me it has not been too bad. I miss my ability to pick my seat at reservation, but out of 28 segments so far this year, every one has...
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