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Posted By onepassaddict

Yes, I was denied despite having and showing (i)...

Yes, I was denied despite having and showing (i) *G status and (ii) United Club membership.
Replies: 212
Views: 45,137
Posted By onepassaddict

Shower access inaccurate on *Alliance website (or staff not properly trained)

I was at this lounge last month before an OS flight to Vienna. Had been driving all over the east coast in traffic on a hot day and was really looking forward to a shower before the overnight flight,...
Jul 12, 11, 6:40 pm
Replies: 56
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Posted By onepassaddict

Arrest at Dallas Love 7:30 am yesterday

Anyone else at main security checkpoint at Dallas Love around 7:30am yesterday? For 5 minutes the entire process was frozen and everyone stood in place while 2 Dallas policy officers were summoned to...
Forum: Travel News
Jan 13, 11, 10:45 am
Replies: 22
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Posted By onepassaddict

I didn't mean this as a "DYKWIA" type comment....

I didn't mean this as a "DYKWIA" type comment. Simple fact is that on a short flight, the calculus is fly vs. drive and those who choose to fly are looking at time savings in minutes rather than...
Forum: Travel News
Jan 12, 11, 9:20 pm
Replies: 22
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Posted By onepassaddict

End the underlying BS regulation at issue here

I am no fan of Ms. Huffington's politics (at least her politics of conversion in the last 5 years or so :rolleyes:) but the regulation restricting electronic device use during low altitude flying has...
Jan 7, 11, 8:53 pm
Replies: 60
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Posted By onepassaddict

Charge up your CO Pres Plus Card for 2012 status

Since (i) you get 1000 Flex EQMs on CO for every $5K charged on the CO Presidential Plus card from Chase, (ii) accrual is apparently unlimited and (iii) CO and UA qual miles are combined at the end...
Jan 2, 11, 4:08 pm
Replies: 57
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Posted By onepassaddict

Do Plats get free breakfast?

Apparently there is no executive lounge, but do Platinums get vouchers for free breakfast buffet?

If not, is it worth it?

Going here in a few weeks and the reviews all sound terrific!
Dec 6, 10, 5:55 pm
Replies: 128
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Posted By onepassaddict

Terrific stay at W Seoul!

Just getting back from a 3 night trip to Seoul and the W was really top-notch. I've been to about a dozen Ws and I'd put it above some of my other favorite W hotels, including Miami and Istanbul.
Nov 26, 10, 4:50 pm
Replies: 306
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Posted By onepassaddict

Also missing my 5000 EQMs from statment that closed on 11/17

I hit the $35K spend threshhold for the statement that closed on 11/17. RDMs for the month posted but the 5000 EQMs did not (though my Chase statement states that I earned them). I called Chase who...
Oct 24, 10, 9:11 pm
Replies: 2,758
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Posted By onepassaddict

Ted Olson @ SFO

Was right behind former Solicitor General Ted Olson (he of Bush v. Gore and CA same-sex marriage case fame) with his wife at SFO premier security line this morning.
Jun 28, 10, 10:20 am
Replies: 98
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Posted By onepassaddict

Tough in Texas

Upgrades as a 1K are very spotty from DFW or IAH to SFO/LAX. Combination of:

- low frequency - especially given the sizes of the cities involved - DFW and IAH now #4 and #5 largest metros in the...
Jun 25, 10, 9:21 pm
Replies: 1,043
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Posted By onepassaddict

Westin Oaks, Houston

Got upgraded to the "Consular Suite" at the Westin Oaks in Houston. Top floor, 15+ foot ceilings, big jacuzzi tub, easily 1000 sf. Pretty sweet.

Have had a fair amount of luck at this one, but...
May 13, 10, 2:53 pm
Replies: 84
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Posted By onepassaddict

Cxlondon, where did you get this info? Does not...

Cxlondon, where did you get this info? Does not sound good and will definitely screw up a vacation I took a lot of time planning (including nailing down flight upgrades, etc).

I emailed the hotel...
May 12, 10, 11:24 pm
Replies: 84
Views: 11,736
Posted By onepassaddict

W London opening delayed?

Planning a weekend getaway with the wife to the W London in late November. Website says taking reservations from October 1. I successfully booked three nights at the W London for late November last...
Oct 28, 09, 8:29 pm
Replies: 25
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Posted By onepassaddict

Cleared at booking in January

Cleared at purchase for 2 seats this January, Saturday night shortly after New Year's. Several nonrevs in C as well.

And that was when people still seemed to making money in DXB ;)
Forum: Travel News
Sep 2, 09, 11:59 am
Replies: 24
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Posted By onepassaddict

Agree with Angkor's placement on the list

Let's be honest - most of the sites are crumbling and not too impressive. The main temples are somewhat interesting, but do not deserve anywhere near the top billing they are accorded as world-class...
Forum: TravelBuzz
Sep 2, 09, 11:47 am
Replies: 196
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Posted By onepassaddict

Here's my list: Bangkok - steamy, smelly,...

Here's my list:

Bangkok - steamy, smelly, ugly. Just 5 minutes of dodging dogs and motorcycles on the heaved sidewalks is enough. Great country, but tough city to love

Istanbul - Often gets...
Aug 15, 09, 2:29 pm
Replies: 10
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Posted By onepassaddict

SFflyer123 has pinpointed my nervousness. Despite...

SFflyer123 has pinpointed my nervousness. Despite being 1K trying to use SWU, thus ahead of opups and paid at gate upgs, I'm concerned that about 1/3 of the seatmap in C is filled around the...
Aug 15, 09, 1:49 am
Replies: 10
Views: 557
Posted By onepassaddict

SYD upgrade odds around Christmas/New Year's

Planning a trip to Oz leaving right after Christmas and returning early January. Can do either SFO-SYD or LAX-SYD. No SWU upgrades confirmable now. Any recent experiences on upgrades clearing - or...
Mar 24, 09, 9:52 pm
Replies: 1,016
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Posted By onepassaddict


Are there showers at the new LH lounge? Or does the main international airport for the capital of the free world remain one of the few global hubs without shower facilities?
Mar 11, 09, 12:13 pm
Replies: 14
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Posted By onepassaddict

"DYKWIA - ask the DC Madam!!!"

This guy is about the last public official who should be raising his profile with airport antics:

Mar 6, 09, 11:00 pm
Replies: 15
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Posted By onepassaddict

She was there last week

She gave my 22" Tumi a close look last week, but I didn't make eye contact or acknowledge her. I find this the height of obnoxiousness - a teetering enterprise hiring an employee whose sole job is to...
Dec 14, 08, 5:57 pm
Replies: 2,758
Views: 531,895
Posted By onepassaddict

Tim Koogle

Just sat near Tim Koogle, former Yahoo CEO and Silicon Valley star, SFO-DFW in F. Was with his wife, both seemed down to earth and friendly.
Oct 28, 08, 11:14 pm
Replies: 813
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Posted By onepassaddict

Info or even rumors on when this will occur?

Any indications when CO may join Star Alliance? Been awfully quiet on this front.
Jul 14, 08, 1:19 pm
Replies: 23
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Posted By onepassaddict


n5177c, looks like you also carry ketchup packets when you fly! I always do the same and have gotten my fair share of odd looks from pax and FAs.

Someone should start a thread on the best airport...
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