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Dec 10, 16, 1:25 pm
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"Congratulations, we’re pleased to invite you to United Global Services for 2017."

Some year end travel remaining after AA and Delta trips.

Northern California...
Nov 23, 16, 1:19 am
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Nov 23, 16, 12:57 am
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Not every critic is a troll

Not every critic or frustrated flyer is a troll.

Different flyers have different experiences. OP had a frustrating experience. He has been a member of flyer talk for years, and from his...
Nov 23, 16, 12:51 am
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I think there's a kernel of truth in OPs...

I think there's a kernel of truth in OPs frustration. When a fare crosses a threshold there should be seat selection thrown in. When a partner seat is sold through joint ventures, minimum...
Nov 22, 16, 10:50 pm
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Was able to checkin today 6 hrs before flt without questions

I guess if 4 HR rule exists, it's not consistently applied.
Nov 22, 16, 9:54 pm
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Tech companies paying for J/F in US

Many tech companies pay for corporate officers and board members to fly domestic in J/F.

Another common option - domestic connection in an international trip. Suppose you're loyal to Delta and...
Jun 26, 14, 9:55 pm
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Their website and IT infrastructure is very...

Their website and IT infrastructure is very fragile. It's particularly annoying because some discounts are offered only on their website and not GDS systems or third parties. I had to give up a few...
Jun 24, 14, 3:59 pm
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Missed the peak summer season from US, but hopefully prices will remain reasonable

This is a great plus for AI, thought not sure for *A (they obviously hope to not be left out of the 5th largest domestic market in the world).

I was trying to ticket parents from North America to...
Sep 1, 13, 8:38 pm
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Hilton Providence, RI; 1:30 PM as we're fully booked; online check plenty of rooms

Hilton Providence, RI;

"Only 1:30 PM as we're fully booked". Checked online, found plenty of rooms available.

There goes trust and transparency in customer service.

As SPG 75 Night...
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Strategic challenges part 1

I had stopped posting here for a while as real world got busier. I do find this thread interesting and drawing me back. I care about AA but after decades may have to slowly move on.

I don't want...
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Very interesting interview, indeed! I don't think...

Very interesting interview, indeed! I don't think it is devoid of content. It set the style, explained some of the imperatives and their balanced approach to loyalty program. I will wait and see how...
Forum: India
Jul 17, 10, 2:36 am
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I have traveled with OCI no surrender cert asked

I travel often to India on OCI and have done so many times recently. There was some confusion in the press but looks as though the question of surrender cert has moved to granting of OCI rather than...
Jun 4, 10, 3:45 pm
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low cost options for Biz class in India

Optiontown used to be great with high success rate but with recent changes is not as attractive.

Jet Airways has a wierd upgrade - you can upgrade mileage awards domestically for INR 1,000 (less...
Nov 8, 09, 11:34 pm
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If only some more rev seats in J and F

If they could sell 10 more J/F seats at an average of $2K incremental profit per seat per direction that can plug about 20% of this gap then. Sad that with such new planes and great physical product...
Nov 8, 09, 11:27 pm
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I'm a Jet Platinum (mostly J and F) along with...

I'm a Jet Platinum (mostly J and F) along with top tier for years on many of the carriers mentioned.

Jet is a good carrier. Service is excellent. However, a long haul product is a collection of...
Forum: oneworld
Oct 29, 09, 7:38 pm
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Depending on your criteria OW or Star A to A+ and Skyteam B+

I'm top tier and multi million flyer in all the 3 alliances.


Excellent lounges for Emaralds especially in HKG, LHR and acceptable in US. Food and bath in HKG, SPA service in...
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Sub 1000 fares to India on BA vs AA

BA adds huge amounts as fuel surcharges and taxes. Are you sure that the fares quoted are all inclusive?

AA is quite transparent in its fees.
Sep 19, 08, 4:11 am
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I find that 9W is inconsistent. The staff will...

I find that 9W is inconsistent. The staff will almost always help you with turn down service if you ask.
Sep 19, 08, 4:07 am
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Showmanship and little credibility

Over time, Mallya has made clear that he sacrifices credibility and truth for showmanship. He makes stmts that he himself contradicts days, weeks or months later. He assumes that press and...
Sep 19, 08, 3:55 am
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9W putting expansion on hold

9W is trying to defer the 2 777s it was due to receive in 2009. Also, it has publicly stated that it's putting further intnl expansion on hold and instead is focusing on making its current routes...
Sep 19, 08, 3:51 am
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Jet allows domestic upgrades even on award tkts

I've upgraded award tkts at airport several times on 9W as long as they have the right class. On MAA-DEL it costs about Rs. 2000/- for a Platinum member (absolutely worth the cost for the 2.5 hrs...
Jun 7, 08, 4:40 pm
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Great schedule

If these timings hold, it will be a very competitive schedule. No way other carriers can match this. Current routings via FRA, HKG, LHR from SFO do not have this convenience. For example, LH...
Jun 7, 08, 4:25 pm
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Flying BOM-PVG-SFO in J late June; Any advice?

I'm flying BOM-PVG-SFO in revenue J late June. Any advice? I'm planning on stopping over in PVG for a day.
Jun 7, 08, 4:23 pm
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Posted By enjoystravel

Foreign co-pilots

Is the limit on using foreign co-pilots from June 1, valid for 777s as well? It seems such a waste to invest in leases and purchases of wide body and not fly them during pne of the peak wide body...
Jun 7, 08, 4:19 pm
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Posted By enjoystravel

Keep a copy of your intnl boarding pass if you...

Keep a copy of your intnl boarding pass if you arrived and they almost always allow you to check in 2 bags of 50 lbs each. If you are outbound again make sure that you have the necessary itinerary...
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