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Feb 14, 12, 6:11 pm
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We've had the AmEx Business Platinum for 9 years primarily for club access, That was back in the NWA days. Now that Delta serves our airport, we're Delta AmEx holders, too. Like I said, if they up...
Feb 14, 12, 3:33 pm
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer

Took the Deal

I just took the deal and upgraded to Platinum from Gold. Got 10k bonus, 5000 EQM and they paid for difference in annual fee. Should put me over the tier threshold.
I'll sit tight on this one until a...
Apr 8, 09, 5:18 pm
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For NAHB Green Building Conference? I was...

For NAHB Green Building Conference? I was wondering about this location also. Steep rate might keep from staying, might be worth the walk from Doubletree.
Mar 27, 09, 7:10 am
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Only if the customer service rep knows what...

Only if the customer service rep knows what "cajole" means. You never know how that might translate :)
Mar 27, 09, 6:56 am
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer

From the OP: SEA-DTW-BWI Base Fare:...

From the OP:

Base Fare: USD82.78 Tax:28.00
Tax:6.22 Tax:18.00

E-Ticket Total: USD135.00

Must be nice flying so cheap and getting 2x miles
Mar 27, 09, 6:28 am
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer

Amazed at fare

Never mind about the miles bonus snafu, I'm amazed at a cross country fare on NW for $135.00!!
Jan 3, 09, 1:48 pm
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I looked up the terminal address and zip code and searched prior to asking this forum. I travel in a few weeks so I'll see if it yields a winner.
Jan 3, 09, 7:40 am
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MSP Terminal/Mall iDine restaurants

Can anyone list a few iDine restaurants in the MSP airport? I'll get sick of the pretzels in the WorldClub. The iDine site doesn't really help.
Sep 4, 06, 8:47 am
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer

Own account, own miles

The WP Business Visa account is in the company name. The card holder pays a fee for their own account and the miles posted from the use on that card go to the WP number on the credit card. My wife...
Jul 11, 05, 9:40 pm
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer

a little late...

Flight Number 540 (NW540)
Airport: Grand Rapids, MI
Scheduled Time: 6:40 AM, Jul 10
Actual Time: 4:01 PM, Jul 10
Airport: Detroit, MI
Scheduled Time:...
Jul 4, 05, 6:36 am
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer

5k bonus offer

This from April NWA newsletter:

Earn 5,000 Bonus Miles with the new WorldPerks® Visa® Gold Check Card
Jun 15, 05, 7:49 pm
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer

No way

Paid $199/nt on business in May. Nice place, especially the lobby bar and great location. But I'll never pay that much again. Try the ES on the bay 6 blocks away. As Gold I moved after 2 nights...
Jun 15, 05, 7:38 pm
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer

Miles posted today

Bonus miles posted for Mileage Connection :cool:
15JUN2005 Mileage Connection 50% Bonus 10,000

Took a while but worth the wait.
Jun 15, 05, 5:31 pm
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer

Thanks for the tip

Just changed a resv for this weekend to the promo rate and we'll get free golf. Thanks for the heads-up!!!!!!!!
Jun 15, 05, 5:22 pm
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Where did you hear about the Diamond status rumor? Since the new perks began, I have already charged $15k and $30k looks like no problem in 12 mos. I'm happy with getting HH Gold the hard way with...
Jun 15, 05, 5:17 pm
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer

Stay post

Took two days for this past Saturday stay to show up. Its not like I wait in anticipation, but atleast all was correct this time. Two days is average for my postings. We'll see about this coming...
Jun 9, 05, 10:56 pm
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Sounds like the identical song and dance they gave me, verbatim. I have learned from experience copies of promotion registrations, rebate submissions and receipts are the dagger to customer service...
Jun 9, 05, 10:51 pm
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer


Bummer that its down to two miles/$ bonus. I am a regualr customer of the mall and Gift Certs is a favorite. I wish Blue Nile would come back to the Mall. (so would the Mrs.)
Jun 7, 05, 4:20 pm
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I had the same questions last August when it was my turn to take the plunge. There is only a HIS here but it was full except for a few rooms when I called them directly. What I learned in...
Jun 7, 05, 3:44 pm
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer

Nada Yet

For Mileage Connection I did MCI and EarthLink. Got 10k from Earthlink after 4 mos and getting 1,000 mi/mo from MCI. Had the date marked on calendar to check for bonus miles posting, nothing. ...
Jun 3, 05, 10:03 am
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer

Reward stay

I'm already booked at HGI Carmel so advice on HI and DT no good at this point. Thanks for the help, though. Additional words on HGI appreciated.
Jun 3, 05, 10:00 am
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer

PH has never failed me

Great property and great staff. I'll return.
Jun 3, 05, 9:58 am
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Print and present at C/I

From the reward email I just got.....
1. Print this Reward Confirmation and keep it
in a safe place.
2. Be sure to provide the reservations agent
with the Reward Code listed to the right.
Jun 2, 05, 6:12 pm
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer

Arrow Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis/Carmel {US-IN}

If anyone has stayed there recently, please advise on restaurants nearby and level of hotel amenities and services. Thanks!
Jun 2, 05, 9:35 am
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Posted By PetoskeyFlyer

Works fine

You must be missing something. Make sure you're logged in, search the Northwest forum only using "NW visa promo" and there it is
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