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Jun 17, 19, 5:10 am
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So if it's a BA-operated flight, but on a JAL...

So if it's a BA-operated flight, but on a JAL tix, it's still JAL FF's that get priority?
Jun 17, 19, 4:51 am
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JAL up-grades for BA exec members

I'm flying a lot to HND at the moment; typically JAL operated out and BA operated back, but on JAL ticket numbers both ways.
Has anyone had any joy with upgrades as a BA exec member from J to F? ...
Feb 27, 16, 11:39 am
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upgrading CX with Avios

Any way to do this from BA exec club?
Feb 6, 16, 8:03 am
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Routing advice back from Perth

I have a up-coming trip LHR, HK, MEL, Perth. I could come home the same way but thought about going round the world and come back via US.

Anyone done this? Any views or advice to share?
Aug 30, 14, 1:52 pm
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Some thoughts on CX vs BA J

Did LHR HKG and back on CX this week. Made a few mental notes on the ups and downs versus BA.

BA FIRST lounge is MUCH better in LHR; space, selection of spirits, selection of papers. For the...
Aug 26, 14, 10:28 am
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Thanks for the replies and I'm glad I could bring...

Thanks for the replies and I'm glad I could bring a little quaintness to proceeedings....

If any of you want more background on where, 'As it says on the tin....' comes from, in modern parlance,...
Aug 26, 14, 7:39 am
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simple q; do you get pjs in CX J?

As it says on the tin; flying to HK today on cx250. Do I get pjs?:confused:
May 10, 14, 3:11 pm
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Qatar tier points LHR - PVG

Sorry - J class
May 10, 14, 2:46 pm
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Qatar tier points LHR - PVG

As the title suggest, what would the tier points be for this routing via DOH rather than direct with BA?
Mar 1, 14, 12:16 pm
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revenue management - strange behaviour

Totally agree; superb service, I'd just never heard of golds getting seats freed up. I thought it was GLL and Joker territory only.

A Sunday flight in First, ahead of two day's boarding in...
Mar 1, 14, 9:13 am
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revenue management - strange behaviour

I'm flying to YVR tomorrow and notice a glitch on saying the check-in opening in 4 days time. I called the Exec club and checked everything was ok with my ticket. The lovely lady assured me...
Aug 19, 13, 9:01 am
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'Upgrade DUT' on boarding card

Was lucky enough to get bumped on today's 297 to ORD and noticed 'UPGRADE DUT' on my boarding card where normally you see my BA exec status and number.

Any ideas what the comment means?

Mar 21, 13, 2:34 am
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OLCI Re-validate/Re-issue message

I've had this twice; once because of an up-grade,once because of additional security checks.
Feb 19, 13, 2:36 pm
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Diversion of BA294 ORD-LHR 18th Feb

Anyboby know what caued last night's flight to divert to New York before continuing on to LHR?
Jan 17, 13, 1:56 pm
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chicago lounge features (F) and access?

Boarding's usually at the same time as they start priority boarding from the gate.
Nov 15, 12, 5:37 am
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reality check

Before we all get high and mighty about the gold line number, how many of us dial the 0800 number from our mobile and get charged by the mobile operator anyway???

Just a thought?
Aug 21, 12, 5:12 pm
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BA F lounge ORD

This is one of my favourite Flounges; great views, amazing staff and boarding straight in to the plane! Simple tastes......
Jul 24, 12, 12:58 pm
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Just flown QA and their IFE is amazing; ba come on!
Jun 2, 12, 1:45 am
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Galleries First Lounge at IAD - Kids Zone?

Nothing in either. You'll been better in the club lounge with little ones; more room to roam!
Nov 28, 11, 1:11 pm
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Advice on seating with infant in CW

Any dicentors about progs in premium cabins - <Lala; can't hear you! We're already being considerate and not going First!>

We're on the 2159 LGW - UVF and have selected 15E&F. However, on the way...
Nov 23, 11, 12:42 pm
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Weird Seat Selection Screen

I've got about 4 ET bookings at the moment, the closest of which is 3 weeks away.

On all of these bookings, the first 8 rows of ET are greyed out and I cannot select a seat towards the front of...
Sep 23, 11, 9:05 am
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744 lhr-ord

When did the 744 disappear from the BA295? :td::td::td:

It's bad enough coming back on a flying dormitory, but going out on one too?:eek:

(GB sculks off stage left, feeling UD withdrawal...
Sep 16, 11, 9:38 am
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Looking at MMB for an up-coming flight and had a chuckle at the picture of the chap printing his own boarding card......:eek:
Sep 9, 11, 11:25 am
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It's what smart @rse posters get in the face,...

It's what smart @rse posters get in the face, UK1! :eek:
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