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Mar 22, 17, 5:22 pm
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Posted By AA2MM

And you have to be Gold or above to be able to bring in a guest each

We just came back on UA Polaris F, NRT SFO. At the private check in "room", we asked the NH agent, checking in UA pax, OK we bring our youngsters in ? She gave us the above answer. The kids scarfed...
Oct 30, 16, 1:44 pm
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Posted By AA2MM

I totally agree with your statement. I am one of...

I totally agree with your statement. I am one of those low yield 1Ks... I only travel when they can confirm at purchase the R seats. And 99% of the time, the flights I was on have empty C seats,...
Oct 20, 16, 6:16 pm
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Posted By AA2MM

Just did a round trip NRT BKK NRT in conjuction with UA IAH NRT IAH in R

Asked NH nicely at the C lounge with a Concierge lady, to be told No. Asked at the NH check in counter in BKK : same No.
On the 787, there is a mini cabin of 3 rows, separated to the Y- with the...
Oct 1, 16, 7:02 pm
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Posted By AA2MM

Finally I scored a sweet round trip in F

IAH NRT on NH, and return on UA F NRT SFO (744). Mar 2017 travel.
Finally, after 10 years of being a UA 1K flyer.
I guess the universe got it that I'll be flying on miles for 2017.
Aug 21, 16, 11:23 am
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Posted By AA2MM

Sorry that I cannot find the right thread to post...

Sorry that I cannot find the right thread to post the comments for a domestic FC, IAD IAH. I was using RPUs for IAH ATL IAD IAH. On all 3 flights, no hot towel.
The breakfast omelet was runny, and...
Forum: Europe
Aug 6, 16, 3:42 pm
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Posted By AA2MM

With the financial crises in Greece...

Are there any incentives to pay for hotels, tours, airfares in local currencies vs using the CC ?
Thanks for any help. Last time to Argentina, with local exchange rate/black market, right there on...
Jul 21, 16, 1:01 pm
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Posted By AA2MM

I have a flight booked IAH AMS on the 772 BF on...

I have a flight booked IAH AMS on the 772 BF on Nov 30th.
LIS EWR on a 752 10th Dec.
Wonder if the Polaris soft products will be on my return flight, at least .
Feb 2, 16, 5:19 pm
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Posted By AA2MM

In 2015 I managed to find a phenomenal fare ex LAX

on OZ/Asiana to BKK. It was LAX ICN in F (A380 ), ICN BKK in C.
And it was priced at a tad over $USD4000. For the same travel date, KE was selling their A380 F LAX ICN...F ICN BKK for over $USD8000...
Aug 9, 15, 11:50 am
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Posted By AA2MM

Anyone having problem "importing" an itinerary to their account ?

I was able to do it on the mobile app, but not on the website.
Another problem I run into is, I have cancelled an int'l trip and the agent booked my new travel under that same old PNR, and now, it...
Jan 26, 15, 8:20 am
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Posted By AA2MM

I got this in my PNR for April 28th MEL LAX...

Aircraft: Boeing 777-300
Fare Class: United BusinessFirst (R)
Seat map still shows as a 789.
Dec 31, 14, 9:58 am
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Posted By AA2MM

Food service from SGN to HKG...

I fell asleep and missed the hot Pho soup in FC.
FA then gave me 2 bags of potatoe chips. It was so bad that I spit it out.
Be forwarned, the chips are made in VN.
Dec 29, 14, 8:34 am
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Posted By AA2MM

I booked an upgraded res for my 2 sisters. SFO FRA.

Different PNRs, because booking them on different days.
Pre-reserved seats in 14JK for them. 2 days ago, while casually checking one's return upgrade find UA has moved the 14J sister to 12J,...
Aug 5, 14, 10:22 am
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Posted By AA2MM

The agent used the word " inhibitor"...

Thank you. There is such a feature. Now I see my 2 flights show the CPU Elligible tabs. ^
Aug 5, 14, 9:20 am
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Posted By AA2MM

I asked UA to downgrade me & return my RPU but now not showing on the CPU list

Sorry I cannot find any thread already started to ask this question.
They down graded me with no problem, but now, my 2 flights do not show
"CPU Eligible"...It's almost 4/5 hours ago.
What should...
Jul 28, 14, 2:56 pm
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Posted By AA2MM

Can the Silver elite call in within 24 hrs of online check in...

to ask to be moved to the Y+ seat or it has to be done only at the airport ?
My poor niece right now does not even has a seat next to her husband...on their honey moon flight.
Thanks for your help...
Jul 27, 14, 9:47 pm
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Posted By AA2MM

I guess reservation would allow it if they are on the same flight...

Thank you so much. My niece would be so happy she can get the E+ seat for her hubby.
Jul 27, 14, 8:21 pm
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Posted By AA2MM

Plz help with a question...I tried to search

but to no avail.
Would a Silver pax get a companion in an E+ seat on international flight for free on the day of travel ?
Thanks .
Jul 8, 14, 12:25 pm
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Posted By AA2MM

I have asked the FA in BF to give my nephew in Y...

My sundae, the FA served me mine and assured me that she would take him one in a plastic cup. ^
May 5, 14, 11:38 am
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Posted By AA2MM

Yes, I forgot about that possibility. Thanks.

Yes, I forgot about that possibility. Thanks.
May 5, 14, 10:26 am
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Posted By AA2MM

I just checked my booking...T and L class anywhere elso on LH

100% mileage accrued to UA.
Intra Europe flights : Zip. 0 ! no PQM no PQS
Apr 27, 14, 1:58 pm
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Posted By AA2MM

Remember up till the late 80s...Y was Y...there was no upgrades.

The FC cabin was filled with full fares FC and non revs.
Wonderful foods yes, but I still remember to fly UA FC LAX NRT, I took off the armrest in between 2 seats so I could lean against to wall to...
Apr 19, 14, 2:31 pm
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Posted By AA2MM

You forgot to mention that the leg rest raised up only a few inches.

The seats are worst than the UA barcaloungers.
And the foods are way too dainty. The Japanese meal to me was just too "authentic", for lack of better way to describe it. The western meal/as they...
Apr 14, 14, 4:46 am
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Posted By AA2MM

Ua 1. Iah nrt

The mobile app shows service is : Breakfast and Lunch.
On my flight Apr 10th, we got Lunch and Breakfast.
Thank god for the Japanese option, I could avoid the much dreaded domestic F omelet,cheese...
Apr 9, 14, 7:52 am
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Posted By AA2MM

I don't think I have read any post here mentioning that fares ex-BKK

are controlled by the government. I used to buy one way ticket to BKK, and bought a RT ticket in C on CX. The fares were 2 or 3K less than ex-US tickets.
Apr 7, 14, 9:29 pm
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Posted By AA2MM

UA gate agents are just full of it...about their downgrade policy.

I got downgraded twice in the last year. On my IAH LAX runs.
You know what, I got it because my last name is near the bottom of the alphabets...Most time, in the mobile app, my upgrade appeared...
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