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Jan 30, 08, 4:49 am
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Posted By jman4l

Delta's version is better than CO's

I wonder how people will feel having to pay CO $5 for TV when DL has it for free. On DL, a movie is $5 but TV is free.
Jan 29, 08, 4:52 am
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Posted By jman4l

GSP-MSP has been tried once before-Long flight in...

GSP-MSP has been tried once before-Long flight in a CRJ
Jan 16, 08, 3:23 pm
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That could be where the 2% club benefits come in ;)
Dec 4, 07, 7:52 pm
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Did he use a seat-belt extender?

I know on DL you can't sit in an exit row if you use an extender and I think the rule is the same on the red tail
Dec 3, 07, 4:11 pm
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Posted By jman4l

DTW-AMS could be a problem

I had the opposite experience in DTW-got sent to secondary.

I have heard multiple times on the NW forum that they pay extra attention to the AMS flights, probably for drug smuggling.

Make sure...
Dec 2, 07, 7:11 pm
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Posted By jman4l

Bulkhead is Zone 1

Another good way to get Zone 1 is to be in a bulkhead
Nov 30, 07, 4:49 am
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Posted By jman4l

If I would have been in row 1, I would have been upset

Row 1 on CRJ's has minimal overhead space even for your 1 bag. The pre-board is critical for me there. I agree with Mike, they should have lined up elites first, and then the regular passengers if...
Nov 26, 07, 3:20 pm
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Posted By jman4l

CLT has been weird for me as well-Flight showing...

CLT has been weird for me as well-Flight showing P4F4 and not getting the upgrade on the first Platinum sweep. On the next day, I get the upgrade and the F cabin is basically empty-Hope you get the...
Nov 19, 07, 7:16 pm
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Posted By jman4l

If you were a NW Platinum, you could get him/her...

If you were a NW Platinum, you could get him/her a mileage ticket to anywhere, which would get your friend through security and then cancel it in the WC without paying a fee-YMMV on CO and It'll cost...
Nov 16, 07, 2:51 pm
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Posted By jman4l

Use your US ATM card in England

Minimal fee with best texchange rate
Nov 6, 07, 3:57 pm
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Posted By jman4l

Requalified Sunday

2007 Elite Qualifying Miles 77,272

2007 Elite Qualifying Segments 39

Thanks to the CO MSP-LGW mistake fare X 2. Plus lots of transcontinental mileage runs.
Nov 5, 07, 4:37 pm
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Posted By jman4l

I flew through AMS this weekend-No priority...

I flew through AMS this weekend-No priority boarding for intra-Europe flights-They weren't full, so no big deal.

From AMS-DTW they boarded WBC first, then Platinums, and then...I don't know...
Nov 4, 07, 1:49 pm
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Posted By jman4l

Just be honest-but be prepared for a secondary inspection

I was first off NW 67 in DTW today. I was on a GSP-DTW-AMS-OSL-AMS-DTW-GSP run. I spent one night in Oslo.

On my declaration form I honestly declared I was bringing nothing back that I had...
Oct 16, 07, 4:42 pm
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Posted By jman4l

You get miles on Skywest

I flew Skywest(Delta Connection) from CLT-ATL and back to start a run and got full credit. CO is the one you have to watch out for.

Here is the link on ...
Aug 26, 07, 5:20 pm
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Posted By jman4l

I was on this flight last night and F on a 752...

I was on this flight last night and F on a 752 was half full-This is a good flight for silvers and Gold Companions who miss lots of upgrades.
Aug 26, 07, 11:52 am
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Posted By jman4l

could they have had more than 2 people on one PNR

What if the gold/Platinum had more than one person in their reservation? From what I understand, they would be skipped and never be eligible for a EUA, even a BF
Aug 24, 07, 5:00 am
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Posted By jman4l

Not exactly apples to apples comparison

US has E-170's which is a shorter version of the E-175 used by NW. The E-175 is 5 feet longer.

The pitch on the E-175 is 31" which is the same as NW's CRJ, 757 and DC-9.

Another big difference...
Aug 17, 07, 6:20 am
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Posted By jman4l

I'm in for $300/seat and am cool with the escrow

I'm in for $300/seat and am cool with the escrow
Aug 13, 07, 7:50 pm
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Posted By jman4l

I'm not sure this is correct

I have had an INVOL on a DL ticket(006 stock) that re-routed me on AA. I sent in my AA boarding passes and original DL E-ticket receipt and got credit(EQM+RDM) for the original routing on DL. I'm...
Aug 13, 07, 4:02 pm
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Posted By jman4l

Platinum in SC

Worked for me without the E-mail-Used it for my mileage run from GSP-OSL in November. Got 10B on both legs of the A333 from DTW-AMS so I'm happy.

This will renew Platinum next year-75400 miles
Jul 31, 07, 7:29 pm
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Posted By jman4l

Try National Emerald Club-You can always find a...

Try National Emerald Club-You can always find a free membership and the prices "for me" are usually cheaper than Hertz and you can pick your own car. I am #1 Gold with Hertz, but I only rent from...
Jul 25, 07, 5:41 pm
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Posted By jman4l

ST Elite should get access

If NW elites don't get access to international exit rows, I am going to lead a campaign on the NW board on Flyertalk to get NW to switch its policy.

DL makes it very hard on other ST elites to get...
Jul 25, 07, 3:27 pm
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Posted By jman4l

Stock price depends on the number of outstanding shares

For example, NWA is trading around $22/share. The market cap is $1.92B. Divide the Market cap by the share price and that shows that there are roughly 87MM shares of NWA issued.

Jul 24, 07, 4:52 am
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Posted By jman4l

NW flight attendants are great

I flew American yesterday due to IRROPS on Delta(Delta needs Metamucil-They were irregular on every flight this trip).

Let's say that the AA flight attendants were matronly and not very nice.
Jul 22, 07, 7:54 am
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Posted By jman4l

Unfortunately, I was on 006 stock-There were over...

Unfortunately, I was on 006 stock-There were over 100 people in line at the rebook at A concourse-I ran there to try and catch my flight-The line at B was probably even longer
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