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Mar 18, 19, 11:48 am
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I am completing my RGN KUL NRT DFW, having...

I am completing my RGN KUL NRT DFW, having arrived here waiting for a flight to DFW MIA HAV. Everything went fine. RGN airport is nothing like it used to be , a lovely lounge called Mingalar Sky...
Nov 10, 18, 10:40 am
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Posted By cochinjew

I am trying to buy BLR-KUL-NRT/HND-JFK. Both ITA...

I am trying to buy BLR-KUL-NRT/HND-JFK. Both ITA and GF show a nice KUL NRT HND JFK flights on JL and when I called MH to book the ticket they said they can only book the ticket if I fly the KUL to...
Oct 14, 18, 5:59 pm
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LHR to IPC LATAM BZ Class 2500 usd

Have made use of multiple airfares on QR lurking here for years from CMN CMB and CAI. (alas, none available these days, QR does not serve CAI..)
Have seen attractive fares to IPC from Mexico City (...
Apr 28, 18, 8:54 pm
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Loyal aa exp but not thrilled with their service on board

I use AA exclusively flying domestically, use them to fly to CDG only to burn SWU. I have been pretty lucky with upgrades domestically, last year was 100% but this year I am only seeing about 75%...
Mar 10, 18, 6:21 pm
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Posted By cochinjew

This may be of some interest. I agree that one...

This may be of some interest. I agree that one receives better service at AA Clubs than other places including transatlantic Biz class on AA. I realized last year that One World Emerald Status with...
Dec 3, 17, 9:08 pm
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I usually fly out of MIAMI on AA and had been...

I usually fly out of MIAMI on AA and had been avoiding Admirals Club at D 15. Yesterday on a Domestic Flight, I entered the Flagship Lounge (I am QR Platinum) and was quite impressed. Plenty of space...
Dec 1, 17, 8:48 pm
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I will just make 12,000 and 100,000, 65 segments....

I will just make 12,000 and 100,000, 65 segments. Lots of QR flights. I usually fly out of MIA and the upgrade percentage has been over 90 this year, but am i to expect less upgrades next year? One...
Oct 15, 17, 11:49 pm
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I just came back from the trip. I took a break in...

I just came back from the trip. I took a break in Lima to do a side trip to IQT. MEX to LIM and LIM to SCL done by Latam Peru, thus old planes and Lima SCL leg did not even have proper Business Class...
Sep 6, 17, 3:50 pm
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Posted By cochinjew

Incredible indeed

Air fares are half of what they used to be (calculated in dollar values of the time).. Looking up the history of Miami to London airfares , in thirty years , the fares were more or less the same 411...
Sep 6, 17, 3:05 am
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Flying into MIA

I have a flight scheduled into MIA on the 11th. I am almost certain by looking at the predictions that S Florida would be under Hurricane Conditions. Flight scheduled out on 16th.
Common sense tells...
Aug 31, 17, 3:33 am
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Posted By cochinjew

Plus Qatar Stay

I am a great fan of QR and go out of the way to fly them.. and have Platinum status with them. For years I did not have much interest in staying in Doha and the only time I left the airport was when...
Jun 16, 17, 8:16 pm
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Untill the end of September, Qatar tourism gives...

Untill the end of September, Qatar tourism gives you one day free hotel if you fly economy and two days if you fly business (50 usd booking fee) and a free visa, all these can be applied on line.
Jun 16, 17, 7:15 pm
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Posted By cochinjew

Who will be hurt most by this almost no change ban to Cuba ?

The Cubans most hurt by this new edicts would be the small independent operators, who are free of the government and are not affiliated to the governement in any fashion other than paying their...
Jun 11, 17, 8:11 am
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Posted By cochinjew

I am on this side of the Pond, and have to be on...

I am on this side of the Pond, and have to be on the other side of the pond on a monthly basis. QR does not yet fly to HAV, I am hoping and there are rumours they plan to.
I do not consider it a...
Forum: Middle East
Jun 4, 17, 8:48 am
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Posted By cochinjew

HBE is as surrealistic as CAI but less...

HBE is as surrealistic as CAI but less threatening but always the feeling of being doomed, with petty officials making your transit less than pleasant (anxiety). QR staff excellent.
Inform the desk...
May 16, 17, 9:47 pm
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Posted By cochinjew

SSSS on QR Flight to USA

During this past month, I had done two turnarounds, once in CAI and another in HBE and then went on to KUL .. I did SIN DOH and the next day when I got to the Premium Check in at DOH, I see SSSS on...
May 15, 17, 6:52 am
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Posted By cochinjew

I agree with you wholeheartedly. I just flew SIN...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. I just flew SIN to DOH with a departure tomorrow to JFK on a fare I got a few months back. JHB is a better place to stay and of course much cheaper. Two Nights in...
Forum: Middle East
May 7, 17, 12:11 am
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Posted By cochinjew

Turnaround at HBE Alexandria Airport

Tomorrow I arrive at HBE from DOH on QR at 1735 and would like to go back to DOH on QR leaving at 1855.
Transiting in CAI was such a bother, HBE being smaller (I am told), would I be able to do it...
May 5, 17, 4:54 am
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Posted By cochinjew

07/05 1500-1800 QR 194 BRU-DOH ...

07/05 1500-1800 QR 194 BRU-DOH
08/05 1200-1500 QR 1317 DOH-HBE
08/05 1800-1900 QR 1318 HBE-DOH
09/05 0000-0250 QR 848 DOH-KUL
15/05 0800-1040 QR ...
Jan 28, 17, 3:58 pm
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Posted By cochinjew

QR flights

sorry to hear about your uneven experience on QR.
I just arrived in Brussels, after Boston to Doha to Casablanca with a connecting flight to Brussels, I do this rather than take a direct flight to...
Feb 25, 16, 11:37 am
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Posted By cochinjew

Oman Air

Oman is a wonderful country, the best in the Gulf region, not bling bling like DXB AUH OR DOH.. genuine friendly people that you can interact with. this is reflected in their airlines as well. recent...
Aug 7, 15, 8:15 am
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Posted By cochinjew

Intrested in BAQ to HNL with one nights stay in HNL

Excellent Find
I will be in Leticia at the end of September, so this MR would be wonderful.
Is it still available in Sept? I tried AA and nothing in this range comes up. What other sites should I...
Mar 4, 15, 7:04 am
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Posted By cochinjew

Jnb auh gru

Thank you for this fare, which does not show on EY RSA page.
Booking was a bit of a problem even though I had warned my CC company that I would be booking an EY ticket. It was denied and then I...
Forum: Cuba
Dec 18, 14, 8:29 pm
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Posted By cochinjew

Flights between usa and Cuba

We are very excited about the changes announced yesterday. Already it has become easier for Cubans to get a visa to visit usa. The dreadful residency on arrival which cost usa government 240 million...
Dec 17, 14, 9:23 pm
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Posted By cochinjew

My first mr on aa

I had to cancel a trip to Singapore scheduled for december and suddenly found myself about 9000 miles short of EXPLAT on AA. After a wonderful year with AA as EXPLAT, I was not willing to let it go...
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