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May 11, 17, 9:35 am
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Aimia down $5 or 57% with a dividend yield of...

Aimia down $5 or 57% with a dividend yield of 21%... don't think there'll be a payout anytime soon.

AC up a buck... somebody must have liked the $2B NPV... quick'n dirty, over 15 years that's...
Apr 29, 16, 6:28 am
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Posted By WhiteYUL

Un. Believable. O. M. G. And to be so...

Un. Believable. O. M. G.

And to be so blatant about it.
Apr 28, 16, 12:11 pm
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Lower pre-delivery payment on the smaller...

Lower pre-delivery payment on the smaller aircraft, with option to upgauge in the future.

I understand Republic is still nominally on the books.
Forum: Budget Travel
Mar 17, 16, 11:56 am
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Cheap flights from Toronto to DC?

BA Avios works fine for cross border flights. IIRC it was about $70 in taxes and fees.
Mar 2, 16, 8:13 pm
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CDG 4-hr layover. AC881 to YUL. Enough time to go the city?

I did an intra-EU (LH) connection to 871 recently and it felt like 4 days wasn't enough... walk, shuttle train, walk, some security thrown in for good measure, walk some more.

Stay the night...
Mar 2, 16, 8:00 pm
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Posted By WhiteYUL

Link PNR on Aeroplan Ticket

The PNRs are actually cross-referenced, IME looking at the file it was a simple note mentioning ABC123 was x-ref'd to DEF456, bit that was a while ago.

And ditto on the definition of "taken care...
Feb 11, 16, 1:39 pm
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I guess definitely wife + 1. Choose your...

I guess definitely wife + 1.

Choose your favourite son.[/QUOTE]

Or just pick the girlfriend... No fights, between the sons anyway ;-)
Feb 8, 16, 9:22 am
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I'm afraid he can only afford the crust... ;-) ...

I'm afraid he can only afford the crust... ;-)

I drained my SO's account to -6 (minus six) once.... :-)
Feb 2, 16, 11:20 am
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Aeroplan a ripoff

Welcome to FT OP.

And you had your trial by fire. Or by tea warmer. Don't take any of the snark personally, it actually becomes an acquired taste... ;-)

But, yeah, you are a bit late to the...
Forum: Star Alliance
Jan 21, 16, 10:43 am
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Posted By WhiteYUL

Correct, no nasty fuel surcharge/Carrier...

Correct, no nasty fuel surcharge/Carrier surcharge when redeemed Aeroplan miles on UA flights contrary to AP miles for AC flights. Staying with AP, you can also avoid surcharges on LX, TK, BR, SK,...
Jan 14, 16, 12:29 pm
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Why is there never Swiss availability on Aeroplan

LX from YUL also shows up regularly as you get close to departure. Not good for long term planning, but I'd an interesting short-term option. I also saw not bad J availability over the summer, from...
Jan 12, 16, 3:37 pm
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Cancelling Aeroplan ticket - is there a penalty?

call centre closes at midnight, iIRC. And that change fee is per ticket (not to be confused with "per booking"), so if you're a party of 4 it's 4*90+tx.

Whitey in YUL
Forum: TravelBuzz
Jan 8, 16, 8:45 am
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Posted By WhiteYUL

Need help with flight from USA to VCE

in the summer, UA flies direct from EWR, however no PE, only Y or J but I have seen decent award availability in J on this route. The route is planned to fly from May 5 to September 21, 2016.
Dec 2, 15, 6:46 am
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Fuel surcharge on partners redemption

Price of oil jumped, fuel surcharge was introduced. Price of oil dropped, fuel surcharge morphed into "Carrier Surcharge".
Nov 26, 15, 6:10 pm
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Kayak mobile crashes everything I try the link,...

Kayak mobile crashes everything I try the link, trying to replicate.
Nov 18, 15, 7:53 am
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Hmm, devious indeed.... ;-) W.

Hmm, devious indeed.... ;-)

Nov 18, 15, 7:49 am
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Fuel surcharge on partners redemption

[Other posters have more pertinent info for OP]

Whitey in YUL
Nov 15, 15, 8:50 am
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Not a good day for Aimia

Right below "Carrier Surcharge" add "Profit Surcharge"... Aplan's reply: it's not us, we're just passing it through to the shareholders...
Nov 12, 15, 8:53 pm
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Posted By WhiteYUL

Combine paid flight and reward flight on same ticket/booking?

The PNRs are just cross referenced, not linked in the true sense. Simply call in and all to have it done. I've never had any issues doing so.

Whitey in YUL
Nov 12, 15, 8:50 pm
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Posted By WhiteYUL

Now there's an idea. ^ W.

Now there's an idea. ^

Nov 3, 15, 3:37 pm
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Mine posted as well, backdated, do scroll back a...

Mine posted as well, backdated, do scroll back a few pages to see the points posted.
Nov 1, 15, 3:38 pm
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Posted By WhiteYUL

Aeroplan YYZ-IST-FCO

90k until the deval kicks in. Other options might be LX via YUL or UA via any one of their gateways. EWR serves many destinations, of you don't mind the connection in the US. FCO is a tougher award...
Nov 1, 15, 8:50 am
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Posted By WhiteYUL

YQ discrepancy on Aeroplan tickets

ex-HKG has regulated fuel surcharges on tickets, including award tickets. ex-Brazil, again, legislation is against fuel charges.
Oct 30, 15, 2:32 pm
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Posted By WhiteYUL

Walked into a branch to ask nicely if this offer...

Walked into a branch to ask nicely if this offer was available to me and after the TD rep called their Visa help line said "nope, the annual fee is justified by the insurance coverage alone". HUACA!
Forum: TravelBuzz
Oct 30, 15, 2:16 pm
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Posted By WhiteYUL

Brazil visa processing time for Canadians

In Montréal, the consulate charges $97.50 CAD, in the past it has taken 7-10 days, IME. They go first come, first serve and turnaround depends on their volume. unfortunately, no rush service...
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