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Feb 5, 09, 6:45 am
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Posted By mjcasta

Rough TOS

Not quite ready for the UA exodus parade.

SWU not valid for international travel booked into: H, Q, V, L, T, or K

Maybe Citicorp still books Y, B, M :)
Jan 17, 09, 11:52 am
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Posted By mjcasta


Same [email protected] seating, sorry. Between gameBoy and Ambien, the flight can pass quite uneventfully.

Funny thing though, on my last SFO-SYD flight, I woke up about half way and "The Grudge" was playing...
Jan 17, 09, 11:27 am
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Posted By mjcasta

SYD in Spring

Trying to get SYD from SFO and negotiate the deal; but, just no luck. Shooting for last week of March like 23 - 29 or so. Need a new keyboard after all the head buts :) Of course visiting Stanley...
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Jan 10, 09, 9:28 pm
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Posted By mjcasta


Consider JetStar and save a bundle with Star Class. Book online
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Jan 10, 09, 9:22 pm
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Posted By mjcasta

DPS Greet

Any hotel can arrange this.

Even local drivers can pull this off. Well, the drivers experienced with VIP travelers that is. The office just past the secondary bag screener, sorta kitty corner to...
Dec 17, 08, 11:41 am
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Posted By mjcasta

40K WOW!

Welcome to FT!

Best suggestion I have if you can move QUICK! ORD-HNL $342 R/T w/coupon readily available on CC. That puts 9K each flight. No advance purchase, leave today if you want and no min...
Dec 13, 08, 2:15 pm
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Posted By mjcasta

To 1K or Not to 1K

You know, versus years past, is it really that big of a big deal??

Upgrades now have the co-payments, award levels have jumped 20-30% next year and upgrades with lesser frequency are clearing...
Dec 7, 08, 9:04 am
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Posted By mjcasta


ORD-HNL/OGG/KOA 8K with only mild creativity for $442, snag a coupon and knock it down to $342 or less. No advance purchase, no minimum stay
Forum: Travel News
Nov 18, 08, 1:50 pm
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Posted By mjcasta


One aspect enjoyed by Canada v. The World in regards to pre-clearance is the ability to have "US Departures" sterile section and gates, regardless of carrier in many cases.

Applying this to larger...
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Nov 9, 08, 3:38 pm
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Posted By mjcasta

Tina . . . .

Where in the world is my Tina Fey????
Oct 26, 08, 6:29 pm
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Posted By mjcasta


OGG = 3 day min stay

SIN = 6 day min, which is fine as I need to travel to SIN anyways in before Feb. Would go in Nov. if the deal was excellent.

SYD = 3 days min in transit, no go unless I...
Oct 26, 08, 9:20 am
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Posted By mjcasta

12 Hours to go :)

I am still trying to find SYD dates that work; but, would prefer a differnet routing that requires less days away. Or, SIN for a week ++
Oct 25, 08, 6:40 pm
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Posted By mjcasta


Anyone see SIN or HKG still ????? November ????
Oct 25, 08, 6:14 pm
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Posted By mjcasta


Working it . . . . still open to suggestions as this would eat up 4 days.
Oct 25, 08, 5:55 pm
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Posted By mjcasta

HELP! UA $400 Systemwide Voucher - YIKES - By 10/26!!!

I have a United $400 Systemwide voucher that I must have ticketed by tomorrow. Travel through end of sked.

Of course I would love the max mileage out of the deal; but, also important is the...
Oct 3, 08, 5:34 pm
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Posted By mjcasta

What the . . .

I am usually pretty good at scroungng; but, I am just not landing anything. if anyone stumbles on a 3-4 day trip in November departing on a Sunday/Monday, please let me know.

Brain dead
Forum: Travel News
Sep 23, 08, 3:03 pm
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Posted By mjcasta

I vana legroom

She could learn a lesson from Sen. Mondale. I have had the pleasure sitting with him in "Y" MANY times enroute to MSP. Often he is in a middle seat due to standby and just happy as a clam. One of the...
Forum: Travel News
Sep 23, 08, 3:00 pm
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Posted By mjcasta

Private Parts

Glenn Tilton has to be oppose to this idea . .

. . . or else everyone will know he has no boy parts :D
Forum: Travel News
Sep 23, 08, 2:52 pm
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Posted By mjcasta


Sounds like the ground staff did not follow the regs when loading the W/C. Differences between wet & dry batteries, requirements for battery removal and storage; and, also disconnection of the power...
Sep 21, 08, 9:21 pm
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Posted By mjcasta


I don'y know who I got yesterda AM; but, took them 10 minutes to figure ou the 3 letter code for Denpasar, Bali. Even though I was saying DPS more than once to get the ball rolling. I was even...
Forum: TravelBuzz
Sep 11, 08, 1:34 pm
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Posted By mjcasta

A 9/11 View -

September 11, 2001 was tremendously personal experience.

I remember listening to "Bob & Tom" in the morning on the way to work. Which just happened to be in the control center at MSP. I was at my...
Sep 8, 08, 4:01 pm
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Posted By mjcasta

Ua bk

Outside of a catastrophic singular event or a massive debt payment being due, it is rare that a public traded corporation would file on a Monday.

This would be a 4:01pm Friday announcement.
Sep 4, 08, 4:45 pm
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Posted By mjcasta

Found it

Pretty easy to find based on the posts.

1. Hotwire

2. Enter ORD-LHR

3. Filter through results until you see the "multiple airlines" symbol (page 3)

4. Click and the new fare shows up...
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Posted By mjcasta

AA Info

Thanks everyone . . .

I am prepared to do the challenge. I have some back probs that have me grounded for the near term; but, should be airborn to Asia in the not too distant furture.

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Posted By mjcasta

Is AA right for me ??

I am 1K with UA and finally have just had enough. I would appreciate a few opinions and feedback if AA is the right match for me.

1. I travel almost exclusively to southeast Asia: HKG, SIN, DPS
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