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Jun 26, 11, 11:17 am
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Posted By buck hunter

This is one reason why I did not re- new my Sky...

This is one reason why I did not re- new my Sky Club membership.. Do not drink that much alcoholic drinks...and was costing a lot for cheese and crackers with the majority of other nurishments...
Dec 23, 10, 11:28 am
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Posted By buck hunter

W.C. use at Buenos Aires, Argentina ??

Anyone used a world club at Buenos Aires lately?? I have a N.W. / Delta membership, but does appear to be a club there. Any cooperating clubs there that will accept the Delta card that you know of...
Sep 28, 10, 7:39 am
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Posted By buck hunter

On to Bangkok

heading from NRT to BKK
Sep 27, 10, 8:31 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

9-27-10 Flight 619 2 hr delay to Narita ??

Anyone have any idea as to why the delay? Am taking that flight tomorrow and would like to be able to make my connection in Narita! Hope this is not something that will "spill over" into the next...
Aug 31, 10, 1:11 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Thumbs up foot ware on the wall.............

I would applaud any FA who would tell a passenger to please remove your feet from the wall!!!! ( Do you do that at home?)
Jun 26, 10, 1:43 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

I agree..... lets have an e mail address!!

I agree..... lets have an e mail address!!
Jun 20, 10, 4:08 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Wonder if we should ask for a Doctors slip...

Wonder if we should ask for a Doctors slip ----------- to ensure the pilot was "sick"...hmmmm sure causes a lot of problems when there is no back up...
Jun 20, 10, 3:59 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Unhappy Too hard on 'Brettee"

I tbink a couple posts here are a little too critical of Brettee's complaint regarding the sky miles program. I too have had difficulties in snaring a trip without the "top" miles needed --- Some...
Jun 7, 10, 11:50 am
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Posted By buck hunter

Angry I have not found "low" at all!!

I agree with the original poster --- I have searched and searched and always come up with the high end miles and have, the past few months, never found any LOW milage trips!! I think Delta should be...
May 7, 10, 10:52 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Wow, I agree with that! Seems like a fee here, a...

Wow, I agree with that! Seems like a fee here, a fee there, a fee everywhere when trying to use up some miles... Oh, and then we have the 21 or 30 day fee !!!!
Apr 15, 10, 1:50 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Thinking it is "high time" that someone in...

Thinking it is "high time" that someone in management starts taking a look at what is happening on these various UG's !! Maybe the GA is being given way too much authority or authority he/she cannot...
Jan 14, 10, 1:16 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Angry Baggage FEES....

Just for "kicks" called FEDEX to obtain charges for sending my suitcase across the country --- If I drop at a FEDEX location -- $35.00 ("might" take up to four days)... and it is delivered to my...
Jan 14, 10, 1:08 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Question Las Vegas Would Be a Prime Location for a World Club

As we all lknow - no WC in Vegas. "President" Club only valid for NWA WC members until Jan. 31 -- then nothing available in the entire busy airport for Delta flyers! I called the Pres. WC and they...
Dec 25, 09, 8:00 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Las Vegas Lounge Availability??

Anyone been in the LAS terminal area lately and used any of the lounges? Am a NWA/Delta lounge member --- but did not notice anything avail at LAS which is surprising - as that is a busy airport, I...
Dec 13, 09, 5:32 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Angry U.G. policy change or B.S. from LAS gate agent?

Departing from LAS direct to MSP this morning on the "red eye"... checked and noticed four seats in 1st avail --- no mention of my possible UG on the web site...although when calling the Elite Line,...
Nov 26, 09, 1:40 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Question Too Routine....can develop into a problem!

A lot of the Gate Agents, who have been with DL for any length of time, simply become complacient in their duties -- they get sooooo used to seeing passengers, it becomes just too routine for them...
Nov 14, 09, 7:38 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

International upgrades??

Never could understand why any airline would fly international and not upgrade elites that are on board when seats are empty up front. Not a good business decision ---- in my book! Looking at UAL for...
Aug 15, 09, 10:27 am
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Posted By buck hunter

movie data....

I guess there needs to be some balance on the movies. I for one, do not care to travel for 6-12 hours and watch animated movies for children! Usually OK in F as can select various movies... but...
Aug 2, 09, 4:16 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Cool hmmmm Dl AMEX card..

I have had the AMEX Delta CC for a couple of months now ...and about 50% of the businesses I visit refuse to accept the card??? Hmmmm maybe jumped too fast!
Jul 17, 09, 2:01 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Question Sky Club or World Club in Las VEGAS???

Checking the list....Las Vegas is noticably absent -- hmmmmm wonder if there is any type of World Club there that honors NWA or Delta club memberships????? Anyone have any experience in that...
Jun 25, 09, 1:28 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Angry AMEX ----- not a positive move for NWA and Delta

Stopped in at my local hardware store --- (Menards) whoops... "we do NOT take American Express cards (they charge us too much).... hmmm Stopped in for chinese food with family ---- when checking...
Jan 31, 09, 7:47 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Angry Agree with letter writer!

I was checking on a flight using some of my FF miles..and because it was within a 21 day window...fees were unbelievable --------- acutally the fee was more than I could book a RT flight for on...
Jan 31, 09, 7:35 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Thumbs down delta's generous changes??

Went to use some miles the other day --- discovered because it was within a 21 day period -- BIG fees attached!! WOW --- could book a RT on another airline for what the fees were being assessed!! ...
Jan 9, 09, 5:22 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

Bus v. Taxi in Seoul

Was at ICN a couple of months ago, and took the bus in and out of town. Was very easy to do and in-expensive. The buses stop right out of the door of the airport --- about 40 feet from the door...
Dec 11, 08, 8:20 pm
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Posted By buck hunter

concern about businesses taking the Amer. EXpress

Seems to me, there have been a substantial number of establishments I have visited that are reluctant to accept the Amer. Express card.. but always take my WP Visa ........hmmm, so hope if I change,...
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