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Feb 1, 20, 11:23 pm
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Posted By cwpfly

Million Miler Postings

Just checking to see if any million milers have seen their PlusPoints post for this year?

Jul 7, 18, 3:41 pm
Replies: 2,455
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Posted By cwpfly

Couldn't find an answer to this: Multiple...

Couldn't find an answer to this:

Multiple credits for multiple rooms is going away in August.


We can still re-qualify using current SPG rules through the end of the year.

Nov 11, 14, 11:07 am
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Posted By cwpfly


A premium car should have premium features - it is as simple as that! :)
Apr 9, 14, 11:55 pm
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Posted By cwpfly

Wink Confusion on the site leads to opportunity

When the benefit details below the chart on that page still describe the upgrade benefits as:

Guaranteed Upgrades, Availability and Coupons
Guaranteed one-car-class upgrade or comparable benefits...
Feb 7, 14, 9:50 pm
Replies: 58
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Posted By cwpfly


Although it is easier to qualify for President's Circle, the status is simply not that compelling. The service was spotty enough - especially when it came to upgrades. However, now that the...
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Posted By cwpfly

Ok, here's what I know. In the context of the...

Ok, here's what I know. In the context of the conversation it was clear that the entire thing was a novelty to her.

1) The passenger was not an elite
2) She purchased the ticket long ago for a...
Replies: 228
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Posted By cwpfly

EXP Left in Back

We have a clear case where an EXP was left in back when a paid upgrade was moved forward.

On 12/31 AA254 OGG-LAX (763) my upgrade cleared at the gate and my +1 (also an EXP on a separate PNR)...
Replies: 18
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Posted By cwpfly

Should have them

Took AA123 this past Saturday (12/7) had the tablets, :) but no sundaes. :( However, since we were one of the few flights operating as DFW recovered from the storm, it was nice that we had catering...
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Posted By cwpfly

I am not sure if this has been fully thought...

I am not sure if this has been fully thought out...

I was momentarily excited when I saw an email with "Let us help you elevate your status" prominently placed at the top. Current EXP - I got an...
Oct 24, 12, 4:15 pm
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Posted By cwpfly

Same here.

I got the email regarding the posting, but my account has the same entry as yours. I hope that it gets fixed soon.
Mar 21, 12, 4:46 pm
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Posted By cwpfly

Unfortuneately, no.

As part of the TA joint venture, LH 447's profits (or losses) get divvied up between the partners (including UA). To make it hurt, one has to choose not to fly UA or any of the joint venture...
Mar 19, 12, 11:56 am
Replies: 163
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Posted By cwpfly

Of course, DL flights used to post when the door...

Of course, DL flights used to post when the door was closed for the flight and the new post-merger +24hr posting was a downgrade. :)
Dec 28, 11, 1:52 pm
Replies: 33
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Posted By cwpfly


Fifty-seven minutes on hold - once I finally was allowed into the queue and not disconnected at the outset because they are busy. What an embarrassment.
Oct 6, 11, 3:37 pm
Replies: 481
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Posted By cwpfly

We had a couple of good cars today, but they are already gone....

Oct 2 around 5pm all that was available on either of the aisles were Elantras, 1 Impala, and some Jettas. Having tired of the Impala years ago, I took the Jetta, but it was one of the worst cars I...
Sep 8, 11, 11:13 pm
Replies: 140
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Posted By cwpfly

A truly modest proposal...

It warms my heart to see how concerned people are for UA's financial health and how "generous" they can be are when taking away others' benefits.

I was going to ignore this thread, but just in...
Jun 1, 11, 11:26 pm
Replies: 66
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Posted By cwpfly

Definitely YES!

A large single DO - probably ORD - would be fantastic!^
Replies: 1,577
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Posted By cwpfly

Pentagon City Update

OP here - I picked up cards this evening around 7:00 and they still had some left (I was glad there were still some left since I didn't have a chance to purchase them yesterday). They guy in the...
Replies: 1,577
Views: 219,510
Posted By cwpfly

AA Gift Cards - Save 10% @ Costco [only remaining supply left - phasing out]

Just got back from Costco and they had $300 AA gift cards for $269.99. From the signage it appears to have a limit of 8 cards per transaction. Hard to get a 10% guaranteed return anywhere right...
Feb 18, 11, 12:00 pm
Replies: 14
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Posted By cwpfly

No Infinite Card Here

I was wondering the same thing. I have not received my Infinite card yet, however, my MM nominee has received her Platinum card. :)
Jan 24, 10, 4:42 pm
Replies: 71
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Posted By cwpfly

Against the trend

I always take the food & beverage amenity unless I arrive too late or depart too early to be able to utilize it. With all of the carry-on restrictions, the Ketel One option still works since it fits...
Replies: 74
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Posted By cwpfly

I see changes. Specifically US - Europe business...

I see changes. Specifically US - Europe business is now 100K, but was 80k.
Nov 1, 09, 6:32 pm
Replies: 81
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Posted By cwpfly


The smell of Portico White Ginger products reminds me of Raid ant killer. I don't even touch them - they are horrible! The eucalyptus and citrus are fine, but I wish that Hyatt would get rid of the...
Replies: 228
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Posted By cwpfly

A perspective

I think that there is a realization that partners come and go over time. If there is not a possibility for a refund when one partner leaves (a loss to the membership holder), I see that the addition...
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Posted By cwpfly

They had to drop a stitch somewhere...

For background, I have a lifetime club membership that was purchased from America West when CO clubs - all of them - were included. Here's the email I just got:

Membership now entitles you to a...
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Posted By cwpfly

Race to Preferred status - US's counter to Double EQM?

Just Got this:

link (http://www.usairways.com/awa/content/dividendmiles/promotions/race_to_preferred.aspx)

Race to Preferred status

Get ready for the fastest, easiest way ever to get (or...
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