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Feb 5, 14, 4:13 pm
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Posted By Bucko

My info on the card: Just picked up a blue...

My info on the card:

Just picked up a blue card today. The lady at the Money Mart said they phasing out the black version and replacing it with a green version. The green version, from my...
Nov 27, 13, 5:14 pm
Replies: 1,683
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Posted By Bucko

My experience is similar. My CL is $10k. Most...

My experience is similar. My CL is $10k. Most of my spend (90%+) is MS through CVS on VR. The majority of time I pay via BB with the remainder of any charges paid through my checking account's...
Nov 17, 13, 8:00 pm
Replies: 893
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Posted By Bucko

Was there twice today. Lounge was at near...

Was there twice today. Lounge was at near capacity both times. Had the incredible luck to meet Bono from the group U2 around 12:30pm today.
Oct 9, 13, 10:38 pm
Replies: 657
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Posted By Bucko

I lol'd too

I got a good chuckle out of this. I'd like to see the cashier's faces when this mid 30's dude is rocking his Young Money prepaid card.
May 14, 13, 11:51 am
Replies: 7
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Posted By Bucko

Recent thoughts/opinions on the Club Grazie program?

Combing through the search function it appears that the Venetian/Palazzo cut comps for players in the 2011 time frame. I'm considering switching my play from the Total Rewards program (Diamond) to...
Mar 31, 13, 11:00 pm
Replies: 436
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Posted By Bucko

My experience with Cardpool....

This might be very very much a YMMV, but that the $1000 limit has applied to my purchases of gift cards from Cardpool, not to sales of gift cards to Cardpool. Again, this appears to run counter to...
Dec 3, 12, 5:44 pm
Replies: 26
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Posted By Bucko

I was offered $10 and received $5

Slightly different issue for me - I was offered a $10 card from Macy's, Starbucks, or Target. I chose the $10 Target card and was thrilled, um, scratch that, confused to receive a $5 card.
Nov 27, 12, 4:34 pm
Replies: 8,112
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Posted By Bucko

Assuming you mean the SF Bay area.....

I've been to 3 of the same convenience stores in Oakland looking for beans and have found empty racks at all 3. At one store I saw where they *should* be, but there were none there. At the other 2...
Oct 23, 12, 1:33 am
Replies: 390
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Posted By Bucko

Gary Payton (ex Seattle Supersonic great) from...

Gary Payton (ex Seattle Supersonic great) from LAS to OAK on Monday, Oct. 22nd. He's from Oakland and supposedly has a home in both Vegas and Oakland. Had a biz select ticket.
Sep 13, 12, 5:40 pm
Replies: 4
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Posted By Bucko

It happened to me as well.

I was probably around $8500-$9000 in spending towards the $10k and all of my 75k bonus points posted. I was going to hit the $10k easily, so in the end it didn't really matter. I didn't have any...
Sep 8, 12, 10:00 pm
Replies: 1,783
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Posted By Bucko


WN is the code for Southwest Airlines. Chase issues the WN cards.
Jul 15, 12, 4:41 pm
Replies: 78
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Posted By Bucko

At Planet Hollywood in Vegas

You had to go to the Total Rewards desk and show ID as well as your TR card and they "swiped" it for you. There were no kiosks to use.
Jul 4, 12, 6:35 pm
Replies: 120
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Posted By Bucko

I don't think so, but could be wrong

Based on my experience, selling eCodes results in a lower price paid from Cardpool, and PJ requires the card to be mailed in, so no real ability to sell them eCodes.
May 13, 12, 10:46 pm
Replies: 4,520
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Posted By Bucko

This made me laugh

Thanks for the good chuckle. But "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" is a great song regardless.
Apr 13, 12, 10:34 am
Replies: 4,819
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Posted By Bucko

Does TCB rebate for GC purchases?

I'm curious if TCB gives a rebate for gift cards purchased thru their link at various online retailers. I know sites like BC specifically exclude GC's, but I couldn't find any definitive info on TCB.
Jan 27, 12, 5:52 pm
Replies: 23
Views: 4,294
Posted By Bucko

FHR = Fine Hotels & Resorts

If you have the AmEx Platinum (and Centurion, I think) card, you have the ability to book hotels and resorts through American Express that are part of the Fine Hotels and Resorts Program. When...
Jan 9, 12, 4:48 pm
Replies: 222
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Posted By Bucko

$11k in GC!?!

WOW! Great job. I'd love to know how much your total spend was to get the $11k. I'd also be curious to know what the biggest prize you received was.

I only got 10 prizes and my largest was for...
Jul 5, 11, 4:02 pm
Replies: 578
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Posted By Bucko

The plot thickens...

I just was able to process a credit card payment of $1200 (my monthly limit, supposedly). That's interesting that folks may have different limits.
Jun 27, 11, 4:35 pm
Replies: 578
Views: 1,542,982
Posted By Bucko

My experience with Venmo

They currently limit me to charging $1200/month on a credit card when paying other folks (this is a total limit, NOT that I can pay $1200 per person). Anytime I try to go over that limit, they...
Forum: Las Vegas
May 4, 11, 4:10 pm
Replies: 10
Views: 8,013
Posted By Bucko

I don't think it's guaranteed, but it certainly doesn't hurt

My wife and I ate there a couple of years ago and we mentioned to our server that we wanted to go to Tao afterwards (we ended up not going, however). He sent over a lady who sat down with us and...
Apr 19, 11, 4:27 pm
Replies: 122
Views: 31,742
Posted By Bucko

My offer was for 5k points

Text from my offer:

Say hello to inSiteSM from American Express, the online shopping tool that's only available to Cardmembers.1 It automatically brings you bonus points, savings, or free shipping...
Forum: MilesBuzz
Mar 8, 11, 4:32 pm
Replies: 10,350
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Posted By Bucko

And yet another data point....... Had the...

And yet another data point.......

Had the Citi Amex card probably about 12-18 months ago and closed it. Just applied today using the "expired but working" 50/50 promo (50k miles after $750 spend,...
Forum: MilesBuzz
Feb 10, 11, 5:22 pm
Replies: 10,350
Views: 1,840,023
Posted By Bucko

Great idea thehawk!

I wish I would've thought about putting some very clever on my card. "Grand Poobah", "Bucko Lucko", "Batman", "Agent 007", etc would certainly cause me to chuckle every time I pulled it out of my...
Nov 3, 10, 5:35 pm
Replies: 244
Views: 64,546
Posted By Bucko


If you just passed the initial $1k spending threshold recently, then maybe Chase has gotten it's act together for newer cardmembers and you can probably hold off on the email. If you passed the...
Oct 30, 10, 4:17 pm
Replies: 244
Views: 64,546
Posted By Bucko

Also just received the $100 card after receiving...

Also just received the $100 card after receiving the $150 card a long, long time ago. Still waiting on the $250 card. It appears that we'll end up getting our cards, just may take awhile.
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