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3tflyer Nov 18, 08 6:09 am

Available classes and seats
Availabel classes on SK 972 1.03.09 shows this with expertflyer: A0 C9 D9 J9
Z0 Y8 S0 B0 P0 E0 M0 H0 Q0 V0 W0 U0 K0 L0 T0 G0, but seatmap shows that every seat in Y+ is taken (I have seates for me and my wife). What is the logics behind this???:confused:

Vunder31 Nov 18, 08 8:42 am

A couple of factors:

1. All seats are not assigned but some seats are blocked and can only be assigned at airport check-in
2. SAS knows that some Y+ passengers will not show up, or they will upgrade to C, and are therefore willing to oversell the Y+ cabin

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