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Question advice MP vs EB

Due to some lack of skill on my part(*), I find it is almost October and I have uncleverly obtained 25K points on UA and 20K points on EB. (Ouch!)

Does it make better sense to try to get *A gold at 50K on UA (only 25K more points) or try to get EBG (50K more points)? In practice it's only 43K points; and spending the money on Extra for a couple of TATL flights would be a not too uncomfortable (if expensive!!!) way to get close.

OTOH, I could still take the SK flights and use 10K upgrade (I've got ~60K points unspent) and acrue on MP. Just one TATL would get close to 1P and *A gold.

I'd been EBG, then changed over to UA for my TATL flights. I liked E+ on UA, but was generally not to impressed with UA TATL, especially the tight connection through MUC. I've also had pretty good luck upgrading to Extra, which is better than E+. So my original plan had been to switch back to EB this year.

Ideally, I would put UA domestic flights on MP (for E+) and everything else on EB (for EBG), but I don't think I do enough flying to support that.

Do potential bankruptcies, mergers, etc affect the calculation?

Any thoughts or suggestions? Much appreciated.

(*) to be fair, there were also some changes of plan.

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It all depends on your travel pattern and what kind of tickets you buy.

If you travel Economy Class
The biggest difference is that 1P with UA gives 100% bonus miles in addition to giving 100% miles in all booking classes (on most *A partners, except SK and a few other airlines)

So while SAS only gives you 100% (and many times only 25%) base points and 25% EBG bonus, so a round trip from ARN-ORD would give you close to 20K miles on UA while SAS with EBG only would give you around 13K, only 3K if the ticket is cheap. OTOH, it's cheap to upgrade to Y+ on SAS, only 10K miles. Totally worth it. Also, you can upgrade from M-C for 30K miles from any bookingclass, while on UA you need to book booking class M or H to spend the same amount of miles.

If you travel mostly in Business Class
SAS has the best program. You will get 225% points, all which are EQMs (basic points)

The SAS 25% rule is what scares me away. That's why I prefer UA (I'm 1K)
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