Earn extra points to join Eurobonus!

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Earn extra points to join Eurobonus!

For residents of a European country


Join the award-winning frequent flyer program SAS EuroBonus until end of December 2003. It costs nothing and our special recruitment offer means you can earn lots of extra points until March 15, 2004.
Don’t miss this great opportunity
You will earn additional Extra points for travel in Business Class, Flexible Economy and Economy Class. You’ll have enough points for an exciting bonus trip much sooner than usual.

Membership of SAS EuroBonus
Our frequent flyer program gives you access to award travel, attractive offers and useful service benefits (when you reach Silver or Gold level). Join now and you can earn points to use for bonus trips and offers faster than ever. It means you earn Extra* points in addition to the usual amount of points for each of the first three roundtrips you make on SAS operated flights during the period of the offer (not including domestic or intra-Scandinavian flights).
*Extra points can be used for bonus trips and offers but do not count towards upgrade to a higher membership level.

Offer valid
For residents of a European country
(except the Baltic states, Nordic countries and Russia).

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One can clearly see that they are trying to get some new business class passengers...
You earn up to 13,500 extra points for three return trips...

Here are all the terms and conditions and point earnings:

Terms and conditions
• Join EuroBonus between September 15 until December 31, 2004
• Travel period September 15 until March 15, 2004
• You will earn Extra points on top of the regular Basic points
• Offer applies to flights on SAS operated flights only
• Offer not valid for Scandinavian domestic or intra-Scandinavian flights
• Offer valid for residents of a European country (except the Baltic states, Nordic Countries and Russia).
If you make more than one trip during the period but in different classes, you earn the additional extra points for the class you fly. For example, a roundtrip in Business Class followed by one in Economy Class earns you 2,000+1,000 additional Extra points.

On SAS operated flights Additional Extra points

One roundtrip in Business Class 2,000

Two roundtrips in Business Class 4,000 (total 6,000)

Three roundtrips in Business Class 7,500 (total 13,500)


One roundtrip in Flexible Economy Class 1,000

Two roundtrips in Flexible Economy Class 2,000 (total 3,000)

Three roundtrips in Flexible Economy Class 4,500 (total 7,500)


One roundtrip in Economy Class 500

Two roundtrips in Economy Class 1,000 (total 1,500)

Three roundtrips in Economy Class 1,500 (total 3,000)


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