Anybody to US?

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Anybody to US?

In view of the Middle East conflict, I wonder if anybody have change or cancel their flight to US.

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No, I actually booked one :-)


departure on the 19:th of April.
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At moment I am waiting to board sk 946 ORD -ARN. At checkmytrip biz seems to be only 40 % booked. I flew CPH-FRA-PHL-ORD to the US. The transantlantic leg was fully booked so was the domestic US leg. Security is at normal level with the usual routine i.e. take out your laptop, pls remove your shoes, pls spread out to be searched. Not any different from the trip to Denver early March.
I have, however experienced some reluctance to travel from americans. A meeting with a US based company was cancelled because they didn't want to travel to Chicago.
So, in my opion it is probably more dangerous to drive to work in your car than fly to the US.
Now I'm looking forward to board the new A-333. Still wondering if I will get the extra bonus by being a EBG flying biz, my outbound was before March 31st?
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I'm booked on SK909 CPH-EWR, but not until late June - and as a part of my RTW trip. With the current situation (job offers etc) I might end up doing the whole trip in less time... and end up with a nice little bunch of stickies in my staple buster ticket collection.
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You should get 25% more basic points on your ORD-ARN trip since you are EBG. It doesnt matter that your outbound flight was prior to 31st of March.
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