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larsll Jun 15, 05 5:24 pm

JOIN IN: Letter to SAS - Suggesting an Improved Economy Class Product

Some of us have written a letter to outline our discontent with the SAS Economy product. If you agree, please send this letter to the SAS Customer Relations center nearer to you, either by mail or e-mail. The contact details are at the bottom. For us to be able to keep track the number of letters sent please reply to this post and tell us where you sent it.

I, the undersigned, together with members of FlyerTalk, petition Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) to rethink the recent three class service concept implemented intra Europe which has led to a lot of very frequent mid yield passengers feeling uncomfortable travelling with the airline.

As frequent flyers of SAS and Star Alliance Partners we have made some observations:
  • It is evident that SAS has to offer low fares to be able to compete with low-cost carriers in the tourist segments, and that reduced prices requires reducing cost, and that reducing the quality of service for the cheaper fares is a way to achieve this.
  • As a result of the introduction of three classes on intra-European flights Economy class passengers have witnessed a significant drop in service. Very frequently the smaller M-cabin is full. Still a significant number of seats are assigned to the virtually empty Y/C-cabins. This leads to further degradation of the travel experience as most middle seats are taken, even on less than full flights. We have seen this to cause visible discontent amongst frequent SAS travellers on multiple SK flights during the last months.
  • After the removal complimentary snacks and beverages in M many frequent travellers report that the service given by the cabin crew has also deteriorated, and what used to be a nice free snack has now been turned into a hassle of having to pay for a simple glass of water.
  • We observe that the desired level of service is available in the Economy Flex cabin, both a very decent complimentary meal and bar as well as the personal service and attention from cabin crew which used to be SAS's hallmark, but that the price of this cabin is generally prohibitive for many frequent corporate travellers.
  • Several SAS partners and competitors offer a significant higher quality of service and more flexibility for the same price, leading us as frequent flyers to look beyond SAS for our travel needs.

Our recommendations as frequent customers of SAS are as follows;
  • Change the booking class to boarding class assignment so that booking classes M, H, Q and V are also considered Economy Flex classes. This will then coincide with the current split between 100% and 25% EuroBonus points. This will give frequent business travellers that are travelling with medium to high-priced Economy tickets a level of service that is consistent with the price that was paid for the ticket. It will more clearly separate out the Snowflake and similar low-cost products from the ordinary Economy (Flex) product, and will once again give SAS a competitive Economy product within Europe.
  • AND/OR: Follow United Airline's Economy Plus concept and give Star Alliance Gold and Silver members complimentary upgrade into the Economy Flex cabin, either guaranteed at time of booking or as standby at the gate.

We hope for a positive response from SAS management on this.

This mail has been sent by a member of FlyerTalk ( and a friend of SAS, participating in a distributed mail-in to SAS in hope of a better future in the skies over Europe.

Yours Sincerely

John Doe

For Danish residents:
SAS Customer Relations
Scandinavian Airlines
P.O Box 150
2770 Kastrup

For Swedish residents:
SAS Customer Relations
Scandinavian Airlines
195 87 Stockholm

For Norwegian residents:
SAS Braathens
Customer Relations
0080 OSLO

E-mail (all countries)
[email protected]

KRS Jun 16, 05 2:15 am

Well written! (although petition is misspelled)
I emailed the letter to [email protected]

tommy777 Jun 16, 05 4:21 am

Great job larsll!
Printed and in outbox, also sent it via e-mail

SK_RSJ Jun 16, 05 3:50 pm

I have sent the letter to:
[email protected]

Later /

dodgeflyer Jun 16, 05 4:53 pm

Great Job
Sent the letter by e-mail.


Leonids Jun 16, 05 6:41 pm

Sent the letter by e-mail as well

ranskis Jun 17, 05 7:39 am

i sent it by email too

i underlined my brand new EBB, explaining that i used to be EBS until last october and that i am about to become AF gold...

Gnopps Jun 17, 05 8:03 am

I sent mine now as well. Last year I sent a couple of emails complementing the good service I recieved on SK/KF, too bad my last two letters have been complaints about the same.

OSLflyer Jun 17, 05 8:31 am

Letter sent by email today.

tommy777 Jun 19, 05 8:49 am

Come on, guys! We need more people to send this letter!

obi Jun 19, 05 9:22 am

Posted by email today.

Bjornstrom Jun 19, 05 9:29 am

I just emailed the petition in my name.

dodgeflyer Jun 19, 05 1:56 pm

Has anyone received a reply. Even a "thank you for your request, we will handle your e-mail as soon as possible." I have't received anything which is weird, they usually send something like that.

FT Guest xyzpdq Jun 19, 05 2:12 pm

Sent today via e-mail

In process of doing the same (plus a few other aspects) by snail mail to the Danish address.

Point_Chaser Jun 19, 05 3:27 pm

Great to see that many of us are protesting.
Mine is in the regular mail.
I also made a post to TravelBuzz trying to get more people to join us!

Great also to see that this has brought new members to FT and the SAS board!
Welcome onboard svalheimk, Leonids and obi! Great to have you with us and here on the FT SAS EB board! :) ^

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