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PresRDC Mar 6, 15 10:22 pm

Central Kitchen or Flour + Water
Hi All,

Looking at restuarants for our upcoming trip to SF and want to branch out from our usual restaurant (A16).

Both of these restuarants seem to have the same chef (owned by same restaurant group) and both seem to be highly regarded.

Between the two, which would you prefer? I recognize that the food is a different style. The Flour + Water menu looks slightly more appealing to us, but the Central Kitchen space looks slightly nicer.


squeakr Mar 6, 15 11:28 pm

We were not super impresed with Central Kitchen
Went a few months ago, good but not outstanding food, a bit lacking in service. If you like the menu better at F and W go for it.

gaobest Mar 8, 15 4:55 pm

Central Kitchen or Flour + Water
Whichever has available reservations on open table - otherwise the wait is too long and not worth it! I love the pastas at flour & water but there are too many great pizza places with the same style of pizza (zero zero, cupola, Nebbia, et al) - all take reservations on open table.
Buon appetito :-)

StudentExplorer Mar 12, 15 11:56 am

We were not impressed with Central Kitchen. Not that the food was bad. Just not memorable. But it's been a while since we went.

2 meals at Flour + Water, and both have been excellent. That said, I'd stick to the pastas and the other small dishes, maybe a main. While the pizzas are decent, the pastas are what really shine.

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