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Concerto Oct 21, 19 4:00 pm

Topcashback UK - Trick or Treat
Well, it looks like the spooks and spirits have come out of the cracks again. I got a zombie hand for my flying hummingbird. He we go again!~

The_Bouncer Oct 21, 19 4:21 pm

Broomstick for me. First clue is Wickes.

kipper Oct 21, 19 7:24 pm

Eyeball for me.

craigthemif Oct 22, 19 3:06 am

SSE as well

Concerto Oct 22, 19 3:42 am

Thanks for the SSE clue. I got my first eyeball!
Wondering about going always.

The_Bouncer Oct 22, 19 3:51 am

Originally Posted by Concerto (Post 31654081)
Thanks for the SSE clue. I got my first eyeball!
Wondering about going always.

Eyeball for me too.

I am also tempted to go fishing. I won't have time after Friday, because I'm away on my winter travelling program.

arollins Oct 22, 19 6:20 pm

Etsy, got my .10

kipper Oct 22, 19 6:48 pm

PDE for me, already...

ankomonkey Oct 23, 19 12:39 am

Originally Posted by kipper (Post 31656784)
PDE for me, already...

I play 2 accounts (my own and wife's). First clue=Wickes=2 x PDE! Second clue=SSE=zombie/eyeball. Third clue=Etsy= 2 x PDE!

Somehow I doubt I'm gonna win much again this time, but my PDE wallpaper will cover another room in the house.

The_Bouncer Oct 23, 19 1:45 am

PDE for me. Does anyone ever actually win these prize draws?

Joaquim Teixeira Oct 23, 19 2:13 am

Is Etsy the first Trick or Treat or did I miss something ?

sonofzeus Oct 23, 19 4:24 am

Great way to test the speed of my new VPN extension.

kipper Oct 23, 19 5:54 am

I found my second eyeball. So, 2 eyeballs and a PDE.

Concerto Oct 23, 19 4:18 pm

Ah yes, the PDEs are flowing quickly and mercilessly. It's going to be a total miss, like last time!

ExpatSomchai Oct 23, 19 4:30 pm

20p and 10p already

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