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miles_kay Dec 17, 09 5:27 am

MyPoints Redemption for Macys GC
I am planning on gifting a Macys GC to a newly wedded friend. Redeeming MyPoints for Macy's GC is one of the better values on MyPoints right now. However, I wouldn't want him to know that I redeemed the points for the GC.

I am wondering if anyone has redeemed MyPoints for Macy's GC and if it arrives in an envelope which indicates if its a redemption.

Thanks for your help!

DragonMartini Dec 17, 09 8:30 am

most likely
While I haven't ordered the Macy's card, every other redemption I've made over the years has indicated it was a reward redemption from Mypoints. Do not have it shipped straight to your friend.

jfhscott Dec 17, 09 9:48 am

No experience with Macy's cards from Mypoints here, but the Marriott cards I have received come with a letter that makes clear that it is a redemption of points.

But the card itself bore no indication that it was earned by redeeming points.

6am at ORD Dec 17, 09 1:19 pm

There's a MyPoints logo and return address on the outside and letter on the inside. I don't think there is a way to select the item is a gift on the website.

miles_kay Dec 17, 09 9:57 pm

Thanks guys! Looks like MyPoints redemption is a no go. US Airways 250 promo is what I will have to use.

Thanks for your help!

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