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no visa

please help

My girlfriend lives in Russia and cannot get a visa now for US or Europe due to the virus and when it is open it will be almost a year wait

We plan to go to the carribean in Feb or March. The problem is that every airline I have looked at stops either in Amsterdam, Atlanta or JFK. But do you have to go through customs to change flights For example, Jet Blue connects to DR out of gate 33, T5 but that is on the other side of customs and no visa so no entry. Does anyone have an idea
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AFAIK when one connects (on the same ticket and same airline or same alliance) in most airports other than the USA (including AMS), there's no need to do passport control or customs, just usually airport security, for a routing such as Russia-AMS-nonSchengen, especially if no overnight connection is involved. If KLM serves a AMS-Carribean route nonstop, this should work, with the nonstop Moscow-AMS segment being operated by KL or SU.
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hello , it depends where in the caribbean and by which airport , but as MSPeconomist said , there should not be any need to clear customs again (but again you need to check the route before booking)
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I had a South African in the same situation, transiting the US without a visa to get to Canada, and he said it was pretty unpleasant and touch and go. But he managed it somehow. That was at least 10 years ago, but let's face it, things have definitely not got any better.
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Your Russian friend cannot transit in the U.S. without a visa. There is no question whatever about this. (Transit without visa in the U.S. was "temporarily" suspended right after 9-11.)
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British Airways via London? BA has various Caribbean destinations.
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Originally Posted by DaveS View Post
British Airways via London? BA has various Caribbean destinations.
Tread carefully: most BA Caribbean flights depart from LGW, while Moscow flights arrive in LHR. OP's girlfriend will need to transfer landside (i.e. go through Border Control), and that requires a transit visa. Transit without a visa is only available when traveling to the US, Canada or Australia or back via the UK. So unless she's got British visa, BA could be challenging.
Also, BA Moscow flight arrives in LHR at 6 pm, which effectively limits connecting flights to only those departing between 7 pm and 11 pm (LHR closes at 11 and your gf will need to leave the airport, hence the border control). I checked \and it appears the only flights to Western Hemisphere are GRU and EZE. Sorry, I am afraid BA is not a good option.
Have you considered going to somewhere closer to Europe. It appears Turkey is currently open to both Russia and the US and there are TK flights from both countries.
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Originally Posted by Thelia View Post
Does anyone have an idea
Simply don't go. Now, as well as further months, are not exactly the best time to travel.

The alternative is to choose somewhere else.
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Well why not rout through Havana? Cubana/Aero Mexico/Copa/ etc.
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Look at the Russian carrier/Cubana to get to Havana and the many choices to get to the Caribbean island of your choice.
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