AEROFLOT Outrageous customer service

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Exclamation AEROFLOT Outrageous customer service

Me and my family went on a family trip to russia.
We chose to fly with Aeroflot.
This is around 5hours flight.

Unfortunately, my IFE (entertainment system) didn't work.
I called the flight attendant and explain to her the situation.
She than restart the IFE which unfortunately also didn't help.
She also didn't move me to other seat since the flight was fully booked and i stayied the rest of the flight without the IFE.
Another family member of ours had an IFE that isn't working.

I videotaped everything (that the IFE doesn't work, i try to press on the screen and remote and nothing happens, the seat number and row etc...).

I than sent this information to Aeroflot customer service.
This was their answer after 30 days!!!!!!

This was their answer:

Dear Mr. Ginsberg!
Thank you for choosing PJSC “Aeroflot” for your trip and the submission you addressed to the management of our airline.
We deeply regret that onboard service quality has left you with a feeling of disappointment and we sincerely apologize for any possible inconvenience.
Our airline pays a great deal of attention to passengers’ service. The feedback we receive from our customers is very important to us as it helps us to evaluate the quality of our service in a comprehensive and objective manner and take measures to improve it.
Your submission has not been left unnoticed.
Based on the provided by you information we started an internal investigation. According to the received information the malfunction of entertainment system on seat 21 A from our technical department has not been confirmed. Also, on the flight documents there is no information about any problems with entertainment system. So in this case we did not found any violations.
We hope that in the future your experience while flying with PJSC Aeroflot will only be positive. We look forward to welcoming you on our flights.

With best regards,
Kazakhyan Aik

Chief specialist of
Claims Department
PJSC "Aeroflot – Russian airlines"

That was my response:
Hi Aik,

Firstly, thank you for getting back to me (although it did take tremendous amount of time).

I am so delight to hear that your companies takes this meter seriously and went trough the trouble of going over documentation regarding this seat IFE.

Never the less, it is highly disappointed to hear that your company employs unprofessional employees.
Not only did the technical department failed to find the IFE fault, but also the technician that filed the documentation after the flight even i spite the fact i reported about the problem?

Asa software engineer in a big corporate high tech company, i fly a lot (mostly with star alliance).
Therefor i know how to operate the IFE, never the less, i did record a video clip of the non working IFE so you could make sure
i am not doing anything wrong.
You can watch the 2 movie clips with the documentation of the seat with the IFE trough my google drive here.

Also,in case you think it is a mistake, i would love to upload the video clips along side your delightful answer to FlyerTalk to consult my fellow frequent flyers friends regarding this issue.

Thank you for your time,
I hope your next answer won't take another month.


That was their answer:
Dear Mr. Ginzberg,

Thank you for you response.
Provided by you information was forwarded to the Technical Department of PJSC “Aeroflot”. Please be informed, that anyway there is no documentary evidence of the malfunction, at this moment the system is working correctly. Thus, viewing the video materials would not change our decision.
So in this case, we consider further correspondence inappropriate.
We hope for your understanding.

With best regards,
Kazakhyan Aik

Chief specialist of
Claims Department
PJSC "Aeroflot – Russian airlines"

"So in this case, we consider further correspondence inappropriate."
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You didn't add here your letter to them, what were your expectations here?
Did you just write to report the issue to them? Did you ask for compensation?
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The IFE is indeed very unreliable. On the 77W in J, it's not operational at my seat in 50% of flights. In eco it's more reliable.
Once I got a 5000 bonus miles compensation but usually I don't bother to complain anymore.
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Originally Posted by hessbo View Post
The IFE is indeed very unreliable. On the 77W in J, it's not operational at my seat in 50% of flights. In eco it's more reliable.
Once I got a 5000 bonus miles compensation but usually I don't bother to complain anymore.
while i can imaging occasional problems 50% number is rather exaggerated unless you have a couple flights and one of them had issues...

on 6 flights last year in Y+ and C (with 3 family members on 4 of them) we did not have a single "non-operational" case although remotes etc were not very responsive on several..
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Different costumer service as expected

My previous experience with Aeroflot was ok but my impression was that their costumer service is below level (comparing to other European airlines). Last night I had completely different experience...
Travelling from Vienna to Krasnodar (via SVO) on two separate tickets... (I did it because Aeroflot page did not offer me combination which I preferred plus 2 different ticket, one VIE-SVO-VIE, other one SVO-KRR-SVO, were 200 euros cheaper than all in one). My flight from Vienna delayed about 2 hrs which meant I will miss my flight to KRR. Checked at Aeroflot office at Vienna airport, tried to change to later flight (with high rebooking fee of course) but was told that both flights must be available in the subclass I had and as there was no availability for return flight I could not do it).
Took the risk (my flight to KRR might be delayed too), arrived to Moscow, flight to KRR departed, went to ticket counter, explained situation. The lady did not talk too much, just asked for boarding pass for both flights and after few minutes gave me a piece of paper with rebooked later flight. On the top of the page stated: Sky team elite plus. Obviously the gold card helped...
I was really happy with Aeroflot costumer service, they did me a favour which they did not have to do. Very good job this time, Aeroflot
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