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How does Uber / Lyft clean the cars interior after each passenger ?

How does Uber / Lyft clean the cars interior after each passenger ?

Old Apr 15, 20, 8:58 pm
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How does Uber / Lyft clean the cars interior after each passenger ?

Hi ,
I was wondering if Uber / Lyft has a way to clean the cars interior after each passenger ?

Is there a company policy ?

Thanks for the info ,
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Old Apr 16, 20, 5:55 am
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It's important to remember that Uber/Lyft vehicles are owned by individual operators and thus, Uber/Lyft doesn't have any way to clean vehicles or even enforce that drivers clean them. It's up to the individual drivers to clean them which may or may not happen frequently (more likely). The companies do give driver's general guidance though:



Your safest bets are to do the following when riding in any sort of for-hire vehicle or public transportation (taxi, Uber, Lyft, bus, train, etc.):

- Wear a mask
- Wear gloves and/or use disinfecting wipes on any surfaces you contact with your bare skin
- Avoid touching any part of your face
- Wash your hands thoroughly as soon as possible after exiting the vehicle or use hand sanitizer

While some drivers will make an effort to keep their vehicles clean, you can't assume anything, and even the most conscientious drivers might not do a 100% thorough job in-between trips, so it's important to protect yourself accordingly if you want to be on the safe side.
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Old Apr 16, 20, 10:26 am
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Thanks for your reply ,

I guess i was hoping they had a Covis "flea bomb" that they could throw in a car and let it sit for an hour.......

Stay safe
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Old Apr 16, 20, 10:47 am
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In "normal" times, ride hail drivers try to line up back-to-back rides. This is not just more profitable to minimize downtime, but also because, practically speaking, city environments where ride hailing is the most popular often have scarce places to park, even for just a few minutes. So realistically, expecting a driver to immediately find a place to pull over and spend 15 min sanitizing everything, while foregoing any ride pings that may be coming in the interim, especially if business is way down right now, doesn't seem likely.
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Old Jun 1, 20, 7:17 pm
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Supposedly vomited aren’t as common a vector for infection as droplets.

but it would be nice if drivers offered sanitizers to their rides.

and let you open windows to keep constant flow of air from outside flowing through the interior, even on freeways.
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The Uber/Lyft rides I have taken in recent weeks have varied. All drivers wear masks. Some have hand sanitizer in the back. Some have installed plastic shields between the front of the car and the back. At the end of the day, it seems like the most likely ways you get Covid are inhaling droplets from someone who is infected, or touching your mouth/eyes/face with infected hands. Wearing a mask while in an Uber, and using hand sanitizer after you exit an Uber, will probably eliminate most risk. I recommend carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you everywhere you gp.
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Old Jun 13, 20, 5:48 am
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The short answer is no.

The rideshare companies will brag about giving drivers access to cleaning supplies, but the reality is that they don't clean their cars until after they stop driving at the end of their day. On Twitter, drivers complain about the empty promises of cleaning supplies.

The demand for rides has dropped, but the supply of drivers dropped even more. As such, drivers are giving ride after ride, after ride, with no breaks in between for cleaning.
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