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rdurlabhji Nov 8, 19 12:11 am

How do I contact a human being at Uber customer support?
My issue (related to an inaccurate pickup time that wasnt the drivers fault) is not listed in the help reasons and Id like to speak to a person about it. Already got a bounce back from support at Uber dot com.

ijgordon Nov 11, 19 9:13 am

Generally, I don't think you can talk to anyone. Just pick another help reason (sometimes the "I had a problem with an animal" works because you can at least put in comments).

Often1 Nov 11, 19 10:48 am

Twitter works really well. You will still be dealing with a bot in the first round, but if you have a narrowly-defined problem and you make a narrowly-defined request, it is useful. I believe that if you don't get anywhere and respond, it makes its way to a human.

E.g., "I was charged $2 extra in wait time because the pickup time was incorrect. It reads 13:11 and was really 13:20. Please refund the $2"

Need Nov 30, 19 12:21 pm

I just did this last week. My driver forgot to turn off the trip after dropping me off. I couldn't find it in one of the "help" list, so I selected the closest one (I think it was something like problem with the trip). Within one hour, I got an email from a human and we exchanged a few emails....within a few hours after the trip, my credit card was refunded. It was really smooth.

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