Lyft Schedule a,ride

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Lyft Schedule a,ride

I have used the Lyft Schedule a ride feature more than once to the airport and it wotks beautifully. The driver arrived at my housec just before the start of my pickup window and was very friendly and helped with my bag. I was charged the quoted $ 4 AM and got to SJC at 4:20 AM. Of course I added a $5 tjp. Much better than a cab car service and Supershuttle.

What are your experiences with the advanced scheduling;?
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I would just point out that if no drivers are available, you won't get a ride. This can happen if you live in an out-of-the-way place and request at an unpopular time. Lyft still issues the request in the normal manner. So if you want a ride at 4AM, it will send the request a little before 4.

I don't know if the fare is guaranteed either if you hit a surge period.
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Originally Posted by redtop43 View Post
I don't know if the fare is guaranteed either if you hit a surge period.
There was a period where I used Lyft to commute to an off-site location for work. I've looked into scheduling a ride, and it appears that they do take surge/prime time into account when you schedule your ride. They almost always quote a higher fare, so I never scheduled a ride, and when I requested the rides in the morning on the spot, they're always lower than the quoted price for the scheduled ride. I think Lyft is doing this so that it breaks even in the end in the event that someone schedules a ride during prime time, and Lyft has to pay the driver more.
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I have used schedule a ride on many occasions and it worked beautifully except in one instance where nobody confirmed my ride. It's alwaus good to check if the driver confirmed.
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Scheduling a ride in the middle of the night

I'm looking into possibly doing this from Philadelphia to Northern New Jersey... It's a 1 hour 40 minute ride.. But the kicker is it will be on an arrival at 12:30am... Given the distance from what I understand the driver gets assigned just before the time that your suppose to go, so I could have an issue of no one accepting due to how long the ride is? and or the time of night.

Cost is $155 in advanced vs. a Car Service which is $170 plus they add in 20% on top automatically for tolls and tips. So you figure I'm out $204 on that vs Say $175 on the lyft (with a $20 tip). Probably not worth the hassle over $30 right?
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How much would a one-way car rental cost?
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Been trying this for early flights but in my area Lyft won't let you schedule a ride before 5:30AM. Not very useful when I'm 20 minutes from the airport and I have a 6:00AM flight.
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