Am I missing something? (Uber in HK)

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Am I missing something? (Uber in HK)

On my trip to HK, I made extensive use of the UberBlack service and my rating has dropped like a rock. I used to be 4.9 but after my HK trip, dropped to 4.5.

I've never been late (although the drivers are frequently late, which I understand, since HK roads are not easy to navigate), always get on the car within seconds of the driver arriving, and always say Hello and engage in small chat if the driver initiates (I speak Cantonese and the drivers always seemed happy during the ride). My understanding was that tipping isn't required for Uber black rides, but without fail my rating would go down if I don't tip, and up if I do.

Is tipping now expected in HK for UberBlack rides? It's a small amount of money but it's grating that Uber makes no mention of this, and here I am giving 5 stars to basically every driver while my score tanks because I didn't tip.
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