Underage renting Prestige Collection from Hertz

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Underage renting Prestige Collection from Hertz

Hello, I'm preparing for winter vacation to Hawaii (unfortunately not summer) and for the first time
trying to rent a car from Hertz. Last year when I went to Hawaii I used private rental agency called lucky owl because of my age (18 at that point).

Now I'm able to hire a car from Hertz and I found Mercedes SLK/SLC (Group G6) is available for age 20-24.
A bit weird because none of other prestige collection vehicles are selectable via Hertz homepage.
Also the Mercedes was only selectable in Honolulu airport, not in Maui or other islands.

Anyway, I continued reserving and reservation succeed. But I found another weird aspect, which was the bill.
Hiring different groups such as Group U (V6 Convertibles) or fullsize saloons required age differential (around $170).
But bill for the Mercedes didn't ask me age differential, so my bill were exactly same as the price of the car.

I got curious since this is the first time rent in Hertz. I'm currently 20 and have my own credit card.

1. Will my reservation be rejected at Honolulu airport or approved? I found that some Hertz branch rents prestige/adrenaline collection to 20-24.

2. Why am I not charged with age differential? I think it's because prestige collection is originally for 25+, so they didn't mark age differential at all.
Did anyone rent prestige/adrenaline collection form Hertz at 20-24 paid additional fees? It's critical because I need to prepare credit limit for rental fees, deposit and age differential(if imposed). Does anyone have ideas?

3. Will I be able to change the car I rent to something like adrenaline collection at the Hertz branch? I like Mercedes too, but V8 muscle convertibles are even more preferable and adrenaline collections are unavailable to choose at Hertz homepage currently.


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You should expect your reservation to either be cancelled or honored only at the rate appropriate to your age. I would get this taken care of before arriving at a counter and having it form the basis for no car at all.
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It's possible they will give it to you but probably not. And I would not max out a credit card to rent a car but that's just me...
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Originally Posted by m907 View Post
It's possible they will give it to you but probably not. And I would not max out a credit card to rent a car but that's just me...
When Discover removed rental CDW only Cap1 approved me - with a measly $300 limit. Luckily it was a Visa so no $200 hold. Can be rough when you've got no credit history and want/need to rent cars.
That being said, this isn't looking good for OP. @OP, get AAA for $60ish and use their CDP for the underage fee waiver.
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