Europcar compensation..what would you request?

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Europcar compensation..what would you request?

So I was driving back to Barcelona airport in my rented VW Polo after another great rental from Europcar through Auto Europe. This car was brand spanking new and like my other rentals from Europcar it didn't stink of cigarettes, disinfectant, nor the usual mix of both.
It was time to fill up the car with gas for the drop off. On the information pack the word diesel was clearly written. On the gas cap door there was a sticker that said Diesel only. After finally getting the gas cap opened I put the nozzle in and it seemed unusually tight. I double checked the sticker on the door - diesel. I looked on my info pack and saw- diesel. I looked at the gas pump I was using- diesel. Not being familiar with diesel cars I thought maybe the nozzles fit a bit more snuggly and proceeded to fill the car with i believe 34 liters. I got back on the busy three lane, fast moving highway, and the car begins to sputter. To make things worse, I was in the left lane and it was starting to sputter badly. I some how got over in the right lane and there was an exit coming up fast. Unfortunately the exit was steep and I was chugging up at about five miles an hour. I did finally get into a busy parking lot, but before I could get into a spot the car died. Fortunately there was just enough room for most cars to get past me. Many cars, however, had to turn around or drive through other parking spots to avid me. I have to credit the Spanish people for not hassling me or giving me dirty looks.

Then came the worst part - trying to communicate my problem to Europcar. I was in a country with a first language I don't speak so I don't fault the lack of English in the process, but whenever I got through to english speaking agents the connection was so bad they couldn't understand me or became flustered that they couldn't understand me and just hung up, although one guy spoke enough English to tell me that I put the wrong fuel in the car and it was my fault.

I called my wife in the US and she was able to communicate my problem. Finally a tow truck driver was sent, but he had know idea where I was even though my wife gave Europcar the address. He called me three times, said something in spanish and finally got disgusted and hung up. An hour later I saw a tow truck and ran two blocks to get him. So this whole ordeal took about four or five hours. I was going to take a Taxi back to the airport to clear up things with the rental desk, but my Air BNB host made it clear I had to be at the apartment to pick up keys at three pm because of her schedule. So I took a taxi to her apartment and checked in. Then I took a taxi to the airport (and later another taxi back) to get everything straightened out.

I was armed with my info pack that stated diesel and my receipt from gas station the that showed I put diesel in. I started telling them my long story and presented my evidence, but as soon as they heard the words Volkswagon Polo every head went up and they stopped me.
It seems their office was expecting Polos with diesel engines so they put diesel stickers on the gas cap doors and entered the cars as diesel in their system. They apologized and said I'd be receiving a compensation form and assured me it wasn't my fault. I got the impression the woman would be sending it out some time that day, but I haven't received it. I assume that won't be a problem but my failure to ask for the names of people in such situations struck again and there is no calling the individual office. Again, I assume this will be straightened out.

My question is, what would you ask for? Since I rented the car for three days, one third of the rental and insurance is a no brainer. Not to mention the three taxi rides totaling $120. Instead of enjoying three days in Barcelona I only had two. I should add I rented the car for three days in Girona, and I was returning it before three days in Barcelona, so that first day was shot. Not to mention I could have been killed on the highway and was extremely lucky. I feel like asking for an extra 150 Euros for the ruined day. That seems fair to me. I don't thin I should have to break even for a highly stressful and dangerous situation.
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