Will Stogel go out of Biz?

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Will Stogel go out of Biz?

As of a few hours ago Belgium has outlawed any slaughter of an animal w/o having 1st stunned it, that means there will be no local kosher meat only imported which will be expensive and I dont see the airlines paying more for the meals.

Of cause Stogel can go to only fish or dairy but I doubt many passengers will accept that w/o complaining. But it can also mean in those mkts where it was the Stogel 1000 year meals that there wont be any kosher option, and some will feel thats much better

Im afraid instead of meals from the better places eg Vienna,Zurich,London , that Paris or Frankfurt will replace Stogel which at least had a reliable hecksher and its fresh meals werent bad at all, the only time I hated seeing Stogel fresh was out of London where I thought it would be Hermolis, but leave it to UnUnited
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Your point is fully taken but it is of course possible to provide non-meaty meals that are kosher and additionally I'm sure they can import suitable meat at a similar cost, especially given its extremely long shelf life!
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The law does not affect all Belgian regions until August 2019. At the moment it only applies to one region.
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Originally Posted by mikebg View Post
The law does not affect all Belgian regions until August 2019. At the moment it only applies to one region.
doesnt it apply to the area that Antwerpen is in? and isnt that where Stogel is based?

1- googled Stogel and sure enough its Antwerpen based

2- found this: At the beginning of 2019, Shechitah will be outlawed in the Flanders region of Belgium. The region is home to the city of Antwerp and 60 percent of the country’s Jews, presenting a huge problem for the Jewish community throughout the region.The law, which was passed in June 2017, requires that all animals should be stunned prior to their slaughter for humanitarian purposes. This requirement is not allowed according to the Halachos of Shechitah, thus making kosher shechitah illegal. .......... etc etc

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Hashem's way of making us make Aliyah....
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They have enough meat in the freezer......
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Based on my sole experience with shelf stable Stogel meal, I won't miss it going out of business...
(my traumatic experience can be found here)
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I thought all the Stogel long lifes were fish/dairy anyway?
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this seems not to have been a problem. They are bringing from Poland AFAIK. There was a big issue with kaparot however
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