Egg in Asian Vegetarian meal?

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Egg in Asian Vegetarian meal?

Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I was struggling to find a better one. I was flying AA this evening and hard-boiled egg (no yolk) was a part of my asian vegetarian meal - used as a topper for my salad.

I have always been taught egg is a Hindu no-no. Is this something I should write AA about? If this may have been an oversight and my preferences are in line with others I plan on letting them know. Obviously, if I poll other members of my family/friends we have been raised with similar views so I am hoping to hear the larger consensus.

Thank you so much!
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Eggs are not a strict no-no among Hindu vegetarians, though lacto-vegetarianism is favored among Brahmins. I'd imagine that the presence of the egg wouldn't be so offensive as to make the entire meal inedible for someone who was lacto-vegetarian, but I could be wrong. I think AVML guidelines tend to be published as avoiding eggs, so you might want to contact AA strictly based on that. Their description is as follows, with no mention of eggs:

Asian vegetarian*Spicy vegetarian meals with limited use of dairy products
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Like N1120A suggests, the most traction you will get is reaching out to them with their description of AVML. Although it doesn't strictly say that it excludes egg, they have a separate ovo-lacto-vegetarian option which explicitly includes egg leading to the reasonable conclusion that AVML excludes egg ( Also, most other airline AVMLs explictly exclude egg (Delta -
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