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Free status prolongation - I am really annoyed

Free status prolongation - I am really annoyed

Old Dec 20, 02, 12:05 pm
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Free status prolongation - I am really annoyed

I talked to a friend who is TCQG yesterday regarding the free status prolongation for 2003. He had been e-mailing back and forth with Travelclub and Circle-Management on the following issue:

After Swissair's grounding last year, and Swissair continuing to fly with a limited network, Qualiflyer gave a free prolongation of status to everybody for 2002, regardless of flown miles.
Now, with the termination of the Qualiflyer program, everybody's status is prolonged for free once more, regardless of mileage flown.

My friend, who has been TCQG ever since this level was introduced, wrote to Travelclub management expressing his vivid concern, that now not once but twice those not using Swiss anymore (or as much as before) where given free status. On the other hand, those that flew all those miles in order to requalify had to find out at the end of the year that their status would have been free anyway, and all of this flying could have gone into top tier status with another airline. My friend asked for some type of compensation - I'm not aware what he exactly asked for. The answer was: There's no compensation what so ever for those that would have earned the status. Due to "certain circumstances" old Swissair awarded 2002 status because many, so told, weren't able to earn it because of the grounding. And this time, it is for the technical reason of switching to a new program.

Allt his makes sense, but nevertheless, I find it outrageous that folks like myself or my friend here, having earned the status the hard way by flying with Swissair even after the grounding, and starting to use Swiss right from the start, are now punished for their loyalty. No compensation what so ever? I am furious. I's fine to give status to formally loyal customers that will probably return. But it's not right to cheat me out of my CO Platinum, AA Exec Platinum or whatever status I would have earned not using Swiss.

How do you feel about this? Does anybody else feel cheated?

I would wish that Swiss would either award us Circle status, or add on two years after status expires. Or maybe give something like 20'000 loyalty miles. But there needs to be something. It's just not right.

(Edited for clearness.)

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Old Dec 20, 02, 12:51 pm
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As someone who is apparently benefitting by this continuation of status I have to agree that it is not fair to those who have earned status. It would seem only right that Swiss come up with something like AA's VIPOW's for customers that earned status this year.

I wasn't aware, however, that my status was being renewed.
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Old Dec 20, 02, 1:28 pm
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I guess its obvious then that outside of Switzerland no one requalified for top status due to the consistant and recurring problems of SR/LX. They should actually give you guys a medal for hanging in there.
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Old Dec 20, 02, 2:36 pm
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Made TCGM for the first time with my touchdown at JFK yesterday. Seing that other guys at my office hardly flying at all have the same status for 3 years now makes me feel... cheated.

airOli, the Swiss Air Line.
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Old Dec 20, 02, 2:46 pm
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I agree with you all the way ch_usa.

I will also try to write a nice letter to the TC management and ask for some compensation...

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Old Dec 20, 02, 3:05 pm
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Hi together!

It's well known that the number of cumulated club miles does not appear anymore on the online mileage-account. So my guess was indeed that the status will be prolonged for another year. In November, I called a QG-Call-Center with this question, and they told me that this is not the case (and that I have to fly another ca. 6000 miles to keep my TCQG-Status).
As I wanted to keep it through 2003, I decided to fly Biz instead of Eco on my last weekend-home-trips from MUC to ZRH and paid some 200 Euro more per flight (very sic - the flights were always operated by Saab 2000) for the same service.
Wenn I read this message now, I feel little "verarscht" (sorry for that German word...) by LX... but I'm afraid , it will not be such easy to reach TCQM/TCQG-Status next year as it was 2001/2002 with the very big amount of Swiss-Travel-Club-partner airlines...

Greetings from Munich

PS.: Also last year, I flew enough to keep my status...
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Old Dec 21, 02, 2:41 am
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I was offered Travelclub Silver until early 2004. I was very grateful, as there was no way this year that I was going to complete the 40,000 miles necessary. I was sure I would be downgraded.

However, the preceding year I doggedly stuck with the Qualiflyer companies through the troubles into the Autumn, clearing Travelclub status no problem. I later learnt that status had been prolonged for many members (if not all) who had not qualified. In a way I feel that my 2004 prolongation is a gift for that loyalty.

For me, it is a question of evaluating one's travel needs and making the best of what there is. Sometimes employers don't give you much option over choice of carrier: one of my employers' principal sponsors this year is Air France.
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Old Dec 21, 02, 5:45 am
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I understand the first reaction of being annoyed, as a regular status holder (being afraid of haing the concurrence ofmore comped statusholder regarding upgrades and awards and crowded lounges).

But, second thought, I guess, (comped Qualflyer status) people that don't fly SWISS anymore (or only little) will not be competing anyway ... so why should we care?
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Old Dec 23, 02, 2:30 am
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I care because I could have easily used another airline to the US (like American), gaining top level elite status in a major alliance, including a bunch of VIPOWs.

Everybody who has the same problem, write an e-mail to [email protected] and ask for compensation!
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Old Dec 23, 02, 2:32 am
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And Rorschi, if I were you, I would really be angry. You lost $$$$'s because of Swiss not telling us about the free prolongation till the end of the year!
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