Convertible seats on 320's?

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Convertible seats on 320's?

The Swiss seat plans now show 15 rows of 2+3 seating on 319 and 320's, but curiously not 321's.

I am positive my 320 flight yesterday featured these, but don't remember seeing them on another such flight ten days ago.

Is this a new feature? I am quite sure Swissair C did not sport convertible seats on A32x.

Also, has any other non-elite passenger experienced being systematically seated at the rear of the plane when travelling in coach, on a feeder flight to another airline's long-haul?

I experimented with this by checking in way early (among the first 10 for 2 flights), and still ended up in row 2x (at least in a window or aisle).

My unusually high ratio of free to paying LX flights may have earned me a black mark in LX' computers, but this certainly does not tempt me to fly longhaul Y to one of LX's few remaining US or Asian destinations.
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All SR/LX-A319/A320/A321 have convertible seat rows for C-Class. This European C-Class-Product was introduced in the mid-90's with the delivery of the new small Airbusses (I remember that also one MD-81 for the ZRH-VIE-Shuttle was equipped with convertible seat-rows).

But there is one exception: To obtain a higher capacity, the Airbusses on the pendulair-flights ZRH-GVA are always equipped with 3+3-rows in both classes.
I guess is that what you have seen.

Greetings from MUC

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Thanks for the clarification!

Most of my LX 32x flights have indeed been Pendul'air flights, with the few direct non-RJ flights left out of GVA.
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But those middle C-class seats seemed terribly jammed on my last GVA-ZRH, and I was quite happy to be back there in Y somewhere. I always had the impression that they weren't intended to be used, even if the flight was full. They're very narrow.
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