Singapore F or C class ??

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Singapore F or C class ??


I am going to Singapore from Zurich in C-class paid ticket.

Both ways the trip is a night one.
It is also a long flight 11.25 hours and then 2.20 hours from Bangkok to Singapore; the return is a little shorter.

Is it worth "giving up" 40'000 miles to be upgraded for it ?? (one way)

I am looking forward to your answer.

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Kooks, you as a regular poster know that MD11 is not as good as Airbus on C-Class.
Around two months ago you gave advise to kurz and digisus around four months ago to sk3 to upgrade with miles to F class...and worth to do it ones .
Kooks, you posted on 11-22-2001 04:03 AM : The F class is very good and usually they are very professional with the passagers. I flu more than 3 times in F and it was always good (last upgraded for free from C to F !!!!!!!!) Thank you SR..
I think, you answered your quested already.

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Thank you for reminding me of all the good advice I gave a few months ago.
As you know, it is always easier to give advice to others than to follow them oneself.

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Besides my normal SR (LX) bashing, If the flight is on a MD-11 do not do it. These SR planes are so sub-par that I would seriously suggest that you even fly through Istanbul and do Biz on THY than take them. The airbus would be acceptable, but I have done this flight in Biz on SR, and it is really bad.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by hfly:
Besides my normal SR (LX) bashing</font>

airOli, the Swiss Air Line.
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kooks, I've been on the MD-11 flight to HKG which is almost as long as the one to SIN. To me as a non-regular C passenger it was not good, but bearable. If you're starting from a paid C-ticket though, I would probably go for F.

airOli, the Swiss Air Line.
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i agree with the others c on the MD 11 is not what we are used to.
see my post in december last year
had a flight in C to BKK
service ofcourse very well but seats a nightmare and the plane slooks very narrow like you experience when flying eco, ( i try to forget that kind of eco experience) if you can upgrade to it at ones.
greetings medico

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Just to stick my oar in...

I agree that the lack of proper entertainment on the MD-11 (and we all know why that is, don't we) makes it a sub-par experience, and the seating density of some of the MD-11s in C is not the best (but a lot better than the 747s they replaced).

However, once you cross the curtain into First, things get a lot better. I've done 4 MD-11 F-class trips in the last year, and I would say it is definitely worth the miles to upgrade!

Sure, I'd like to be playing with that 11" touch screen they installed originally, but the DVD works for me, even though the selection is pretty weak. And since you will spend over 2 hours eating, that, in itself, counts as entertainment!

I certainly wouldn't re-route to avoid an MD-11 in First, though I can see why you might to avoid one in C.


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