Swissair First Class JFK-ZRH

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Swissair First Class JFK-ZRH

I am very excited to be going in first class the day after Christmas! I am usually in business class, but managed to "spend" 100,000 Delta miles, just before it was no longer possible to get SR tickets.
Could you regulars in transatlantic first tell me how to get the most out of the experience. I know about the lounges at ZRH, including the Allegra lounge- but any tips on how to really feel pampered would be great to hear about! How is the food and wine in First? Thanks a lot
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I have not tried the first class, but the biz class a number of times from SFO. I was disappointed with the service. The FA were fine, but the food and wine could have been much better.
Also on the MD11 SR does not have an entertainment system, but just screen movies.
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am I not right in thinking that since the last MD11 crash SR doesn't bother with personal entertainment, even in C or F?
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I know that the airbus 330 has an individual entertainment screen in business class- at least from JFK and BOS to ZRH. I would appreciate the info about first class amenities, if someone reading this page is in the know>> THX
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In F on SR there are individual DVD players given out ont he MD 11's.

The service in F is impeccable, they always come around twic witht eh food cart so you can seconds or another choice. Liquor is first rate!

Check out the SR web site and follow the links to info on F class.

The only complain I have ever had is that they have a poor selection of magazines but I'm too busy with other things do really care.

You will undoubtedly enjoy yourself.

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I have travelled F class many times. The new seats and the food are both terrific. Entertainment options are lacking compared to other airlines. However, great service.
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