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100,000 Free flights to Healthcare Professionals - Ends 17th May 2020

100,000 Free flights to Healthcare Professionals - Ends 17th May 2020

Old Feb 3, 21, 11:16 am
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Originally Posted by seldomrfly
...on top of that my mrs. "the medical worker" have no possibility to leave her job in the middle of the pandemic.
Pretty much this. Hospitals here are overwhelmed so she is not sure about leaving for vacation now. This is why medic promo needs to be extended. At least to match the teacher promo dates.
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Old Feb 3, 21, 12:12 pm
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Originally Posted by Brendan88
Totally agree. I have written to QR without any results.
The majority of the winnaars have not been able to use this I guess so it would be crazy for them not to extend it.
I was thinking writing to some of the media that gave QR the credits for this offer because I believe they should also get the same amount of attention if they do not extend and leave the Heroes with nothing. I think QR should have taken the state of Qatars travel quarantaine guidelines as a backbone and should say this offer remains open 4 months after Qatar the majority of visitors in without quarantine. At the moment 99% (estimate) of the nations are not even allowed in Qatar without going into quarantine.
Happy to hear others opinions (to strengthen our position).
This is great. I think there's definitely interest here. As a first step, maybe we can get a letter going and provide a link for everyone interested to sign it. Then we can send this letter to Qatar and let them know that we will reach out to the press. I think there's a chance that if there's enough of us and a credible chance of bad press, we can get their attention. I know JetBlue have a similar promotion and, without any pressures, extended it with a very cordial email saying we didn't expect the pandemic to last this long, don't worry health care heros your flights are extended until December. Very classy from JetBlue. Anyways, I'm gonna set up a draft letter and send a link out. Let's do this! At the very least, we might feel some justice is served if they're going to give tickets away and brag about it, then decline reasonable extensions and brush it under the rug!
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Old Feb 3, 21, 5:32 pm
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I called Qatar on 9 January to ask for them to cancel my booking and refund the taxes that I paid. I was told that I would receive an e-mail confirming this. It has been over three weeks and I have yet to receive a refund. Any suggestions regarding what I should do?
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Old Feb 3, 21, 7:32 pm
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I am on board with this idea, lets do it! These "free tickets" are ridicules and impossible to use. They need to extend it!
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Old Feb 3, 21, 11:21 pm
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I wonder if there is any way to administratively PM everyone who has participated in this thread....
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Old Feb 4, 21, 8:38 am
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Originally Posted by PSPSPS
pretty much just determined ill hold out until late feb/early march, unless the seychelles open to vaccinated americans before that. If nothing, will request refund. waste of tickets.
Seychelles is pretty much the one place on earth that has opened the doors to vaccinated travelers from anywhere, unless they have walked back this policy from last week? Sadly, I will not be vaccinated in time for my scheduled trip to SEZ in early March, so I have no choice but to cancel my free trip. SEZ was completely off of my radar, which is part of the reason I chose it as my destination for this promo. Unfortunately, it is now definitely on my to-do list, as I found a live-aboard I would love to check out. Sadly, airfare from LAX is a bit exorbitant, so it pains me to miss out on the promo (the total price for the two W-fare tickets in Y would have been $6k w/o the promo code).
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Old Feb 4, 21, 10:14 am
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Okay... Here is what I'm thinking. Let me know what you think!
Step 1 - Draft a letter: Draft letter to QR on behalf of health care workers who received this promo expressing disappointment that the promo is effectively not useable in view of the restricted deadline due to travel restriction and suggested safety precautions. I can take a first stab at this and make it something shareable that can be signed. Any platform suggestions welcome - I think Change.org allows something like that.

Step 2 - Get signatures: Circulate letter to as many healthcare workers who received this promo as possible. Ways we can do this: (a) PM people in this thread; (b) post it on twitter, facebook, other social networking websites to spread the news, (c) word of mouth to others we know also got the same promotion and couldn't use it, (d) include a link in the comments section of news articles where this promo was touted (e.g. onemileatatime), and (e) any other ways you guys can think of.

Step 3 - Send letter to QR: Send letter to QR press relations and directly to anyone at QR we can get a hold of. We might even each send separate emails to get their attention.

Step 4 - Get the story published: We give them 2 weeks. If they decline/ignore, we contact all the travel websites and tell them about our story and ask if they can share it (the points guy, onemileatatime, etc....). We try to reach any news channels. If anyone here has any connections or networks to any person with a social influence, this would be super helpful. We share on twitter, facebook, etc....
We have a "good" story to tell and we should give it a shot. They did this for the accolades and after they got press coverage they effectively made this promo useless - it's not 100k free tickets when no one can use the tickets and even Qatar is closed.
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Old Feb 4, 21, 5:30 pm
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Thank you For your reaction my colleagues, well now is the time to politely ask Qatar Airways to offer us the chance to profit with this promo while keeping our working morale high and protecting our dignity.
I see that it is impossible to think of traveling and relaxing while the pandemic is hitting hard and our patients are suffering, I see as the ultimate solution is to create a petition which will be signed by a significant number and disseminate it in the pages of Qatar Airways to attract the attention of the winners of this promo and the pushes to sign, and I estimate that 60% of the winners have not even traveled yet, moreover we will have to contact all the pages and the media which have advertised with pride Qatar Airways' offer to explain that the company has not even responded to calls from the majority of winners and is also pushing the majority to cancel their tickets.

The first step is to write a sophisticated and well-polished petition.
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Old Feb 4, 21, 7:08 pm
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QA cancelled one of my legs last night and I called them today requesting a destination change (tried to take advantage, requesting change from Oman to Jordan, still in middle east however approx 2800km apart) and was told staunchly by agent that new policy was 500km or same country. Will try again as it is pretty frustrating. When we first received the ticket it was 5000km for changed destinations. He wouldn't listen and said that old QA policies listed on the purchased ticket were "able to be changed at their discretion" - which I get.... it just sucks lol. Oman is literally closed.
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Old Feb 5, 21, 12:49 am
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Originally Posted by PSPSPS
When we first received the ticket it was 5000km for changed destinations. .
​​​​​The changes was unlimited for the promo tickets. The last agent I talked to said I could change destination to any destination. Well, didn't really help me because the travel period isn't extended.
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Old Feb 5, 21, 6:33 am
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Hey Guys, finally I 'see' others with these Promo Tickets.
When I won these tickets, I was so happy, but then it gave me a lot of stress because I needed to change my tickets three times and also my holidays at work.. Now I hope that the Promo will extend. But a lot of times I sended messages on Messenger or Insta but I doesn't get any reply. Now my flight is in the last 2 weeks of March but no chance I can use them...
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Old Feb 5, 21, 12:09 pm
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I only registrated on this forum to reply to this topic. My mother also won the tickets, was supposed to travel in the autumn, but had to reschedule the flights to the end of March, because of the entry restrictions in Bali. Now her Denpasar destination has been changed to Jakarta, the email she received from Qatar claimed she would be able to change the destination, however when clicking on the link the only possibility is to ask for a refund or cancel the flights. Wrote to Qatar on messenger, they said the only way to change the destination was to give them a call - however as now the change is limited to 500km, I believe there are no countrys borders opened within that range. Qatar also said they wont be changing the 31th March date. My mum was absolutely buzzing, when she won the tickets.. didnt go on a vacation last year, because there was so much work and she hoped to go in March. Now it seems the tickets will just go to waste, what a misleading campaign. Makes me so angry it was just a marketing plot, definitely will be filling the petition if it gets done. I am afraid however, that it wont change anything. Qatar knew what they were doing, it sounded too good from a start.
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Old Feb 5, 21, 1:16 pm
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Just give QR a call. A change from DPS to CGK should be possible - it is within the same country.
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Old Feb 5, 21, 1:31 pm
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Qatar doesn't have an office in my country, already tried calling my neighbouring country's office, but they aren't picking up. Qatar already changed the destination to Jakarta (tickets were originally booked to Denpasar, my mother is not interested in travelling to Jakarta). Also, I am fairly certain that neither Jakarta nor Denpasar won't be letting any tourists visit in the middle of March - they have been closed to tourists for a long time now and their covid-19 positive numbers are only getting higher and higher. So it seems there is nothing else to do besides cancelling the tickets (but even for that Qatar has to pick up their phone).
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Old Feb 5, 21, 2:51 pm
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Originally Posted by Kaiisa
Qatar doesn't have an office in my country, already tried calling my neighbouring country's office, but they aren't picking up.
Call the Doha hotline which is open 24/7 at +974 4023 0000.
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