Economy to Business question

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Economy to Business question

Hi there and hope someone can help because Qatar Twitter is absolutely useless.

My Company will only book Economy tickets as a policy. If they book BA flights for me then generally i can call up BA within 24 hours, change the ticket to a Business ticket and pay the additional fare which is the exact same as it would be if i was booking it directly on the day.

Because of my location now, im going to be flying Qatar and i was wondering what the experience was. As a clear example.

DUR - EDI = £467 in Economy and £1568 in Business.

If my company books the £467 in Economy and i call immediately, will they be able to upgrade me for the £1101 ?

When i asked Twitter, they said

"Upon purchasing the tickets, the fare rules will be applicable for any changes or cancellation. P.S. The change fee doesn't apply for upgrades."

Which doesnt answer my question though it indicates i may not be charged a change fee. My concern is tha the Upgrades may be more than what the normal fare is.

Hope that makes sense and look forward to response.
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No you cannot do that with QR. The reason you can do that with BA is that they allow a 24hr cooling off period so technically the fare rules don't apply.

Once your ticket is booked with QR any change will result in penalties kicking in so you will not only pay the fare difference but also the penalties
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Talk to your employer. They should have no issue with charging you the difference and if they use a corporate TA it may be cheaper.
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I think QR answered your question (the change fee won’t be applied) and didn’t notice your fear of paying an inflated upgrade price because AFAIK (but I might be wrong and never tried it), upgrading your ticket will be considered as a common change and you will only end paying the fare difference because the change fee is waived in that case. Upgrading a ticket in the “normal” way (which is also called “upfaring the ticket”) is just paying the fare difference + any applicable fees, and you must not be mislead by the skyrocketing upgrade prices quoted by QR in their email/online check-in/airport upgrade offers.
Of course you must be sure that there is availability for the business class fare you want for the same flights that your company booked in economy.
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