Your applause for good service thread

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Thumbs up Your applause for good service thread

We live to travel, we love to fly, when service exceeds our expectations we enjoy sharing our positive experiences, and that is what this thread is all about.
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Personnally, every time I have had excellent service on a flight I write a thank you note to the CSD so that she can forward it to their management. Haven't found any better way
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I forgot my laptop on the lane 2 days ago, got it back in less than 24 hrs.
2nd time this happens to me.

Whom can I write a thank you email to? Any idea?
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Originally Posted by Sky Fly View Post
Whom can I write a thank you email to? Any idea?
Check this post of mine for how to submit compliments to QR:

@Prospero, perhaps worth adding this info to your post?
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I always write to [email protected]. Last time I wrote to them to tell that had excellent service on the way to Berlin and in the same email I complained about the beef meal in Y from BKK to DOH.

They replied and thanked about the feedback and got another email the day after where they offered 5000 qmiles to compensate the bad meal experience, which I accepted gladly
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Prospero - I'm glad you've started this thread.

Since transferring most of my business and, for that matter, that of my wife, son and daughter, from BA to QR two-and-a-half years ago we have probably collectively taken at least 100 QR flights - without exception either in F (say 30%) or J (say 70%).

During that time none of us has ever had a single complaint (at least nothing of any significance) either in the air or on the ground. What we particularly like about QR includes:

- Airfares: excellent value in J and F (ex-CAI).

- In flight service: second to none.

- Cabin crew: simply gorgeous, especially the Asian ladies.

- Food: fantastic, I have not experienced any drop in standards.

- Drink: also fantastic, albeit Krug and Chateau d'Yquem have long disappeared from the in-flight drinks menu.

- DOH lounges (both at the new airport and the old Premium Terminal): excellent.

- LHR T4 lounge: the best LHR lounge, bar none.

- Ease of transfer at the new airport: superb.

- The DOH Airport Hotel (OK, not QR): excellent.

- On time performance: excellent.

- Ease of changing flight dates/times on-line: easy-peasy.

- Modernity of aircraft: excellent.

- Tier Points and Avios: that'll do nicely, thank you.

If I had to make one complaint it would be QR's frustrating habit of switching aircraft - although even this seems less common these days.

Sorry to say, but I just don't understand 80% of the complaints made by here today, gone tomorrow posters who appear on this forum fleetingly - with complaints such as lack of upgrades, lack of transit hotel entitlement, perceived prejudice, etc.

While I don't doubt there will always be some occasions when QR service falls below reasonable expectations (and I emphasise the word 'reasonable') a lot of complainants here leave me shaking my head in disbelief.

Qatar Airways - I'm more than happy to keep giving you my business, and that of my family, for the foreseeable future.
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My father was flying back from HKG today. He was flying HKG-DOH-CPH and then onto LHR with BA.

He has been flying for many years, and tends to watch a movie or two onboard. However, he really likes reading, so always takes a book with him.

While sitting in the BA Lounge at CPH, his phone beeped with an email. The email was from QR Support DK (Denmark). The email advised him that a book had been found at his seat, and enquired if it was his.

My father had indeed left the book onboard, but only because he was finished with it. In his own words, 'the staff are too damn efficient'!

I'm seriously impressed someone from QR got in touch so quickly (within 35mins of disembarking), and mighty surprised they reported the case.

A big thumbs up from me (via my father!).
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msm, wow - just wow!!!

PtF, +1

I personally have only ever received excellent customer service from QR - both on board and on the ground. I don't doubt it's inconsistent at times (as with most things QR ) based on reports I've seen here, but so far for me I've always felt extremely well looked after.

Flying QR has been a revelation for me after a few years of BA and VS mediocrity - and I look forward to all flights I take with them, including in Economy. Never had a bad experience yet in over 100 segments - and when things have gone wrong (which I accept is a part of travelling), QR have proactively put them right.

My bag was once delayed and I had a same day onward flight on a different airline / ticket. QR sent the bag on and it was delivered to my hotel the next day. I received no less than nine answerphone messages (I hadn't had phone signal during the day) to ensure I had received the bag and they didn't stop calling until I phoned back to confirm

Another time I missed a connecting flight. QR put me up in a hotel until the next flight (which was a day later) with airport transfer both ways, generous meal vouchers, free international phone call - and even pulled my checked bag and delivered to the hotel later that night. This was on a cheap Economy booking and I expect the hotel etc probably cost them more than any profit made on my ticket.

Outstanding service in my book ^^^

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Vienna for free - QR035 Diversion

This morning's QR035 had a medical emergency and we diverted to Vienna.

All really very well handled by flight deck, cabin crew and passengers. About 20 mins from cruise to landing. Apparently the medics were able to stabilise the patient.

Despite the diversion and re-plan we arrived in BHX a little over 90 minutes late, having left Doha already 30 mins down due to a presumably separate medical offloading before departure.

An excellent job keeping us informed by the Captain. The cabin crew were brilliant throughout - keeping us warm with drinks service.

And a final shout out for the baggage handlers in BHX who got the bags off super fast, meaning I made my train home with exactly 30 seconds to spare!

In short, if you were going to have this happen, this is the way you'd want it to be and work out. Well done.
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mr_botak thank you for sharing your positive experience with us.

We are all extremely fast to criticise and complain even though there are many in QR who do that 'little bit' extra that makes a big difference to us passengers. I personally think that your incredibly positive post will get lost here and that would be a shame.

I would ask you to consider having this post moved to the thread where is will get the attention it deserves. If you agree with my suggestion then let me know and I will ask the moderators to make the change.
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That's an excellent idea - thanks.
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Credit where credit is due: Thank you, QR

At the beginning of November, Mrs999 and I flew DOH-TXL as part of a DONE5. We then 'parked' the RTW and flew off on several separate tickets. The day after leaving Berlin, herself noticed that she had apparently left her knitting-bag behind on the QR bird. There was no bank-breaking value in the yarn, no, but she had invested more than a few hours of careful attention in the current project: a new pullover for me.

Well, I looked at the QR website to see if I could find a phone number to call and learned instead that there is an established, online, lost-and-found procedure. I filled in the form and a day or two later -- mirabile dictu -- we received a reply that they had found it.

The next potential problem was that we weren't due to return to Berlin, to resume the DONE5, until late December, some six or seven weeks later. They (QR TXL) said that we could collect the 'lost property' then. And to make a long story short -- we just did. They really had kept it for us. We sent them a reminder a couple of days before we returned to TXL, for our next QR flight back to DOH. When we got there, Mrs999 was absolutely THRILLED that she got her work back.

The system works. Thank you, QR TXL ground staff. Viel Dank.
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My similar experience, left a pouch containing 2 watches, my earphones and a couple of cards in the seat pocket. Filed a report on their website and a reply came back 2 days after, was offered to have the item sent to my homebase of KUL, picked it up at the office.

Only qualm was whole email back and forth debacle took almost 3 weeks as it took them almost a week to reply a single email. Otherwise i manage to pick it up from their office in KUL, credit to where its due!
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Already written

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Since I started flying QR and changed from AAdvantage to QRPC a little over a year ago, I've probably flown around 20 flights, one in Y, two in F and the rest in J. I find the service consistently superior to any other airline I have flown on a like-cabin-to-cabin basis, and without a single exception. In fact, it would be accurate to say that the only two items concerning which I prefer another airline are 1) the bed on CX F for overnight flights, and 2) I don't care for the 2-2-2 layout in QR J on the 346 (which I'm on regularly) and 777. I like the 1-2-1 layout I get on the 359 between DOH and BOS. Single seats for those who want them and pairs of adjoining seats for those who want them.
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