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Lost baggage compensation for International flight


Old Dec 16, 09, 5:42 pm
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Angry Lost baggage compensation for International flight

I was travelling from US to India via Doha.
Qatar airways lost my baggage and shows no signs of finding it back. Did a complaint PIR at Mumbai airport. Got a interim relief of 100 USD after few days.

1. Can someone help me on the compensation process for lost baggage?

2. After standard 21 days period If I claim for the new items worth 900+ USD (and around 200 USD for the old used goods) how much do you think I will get the compensation from Qatar?

3. I know that for international travel the compensation is Max upto 1000 SDR as per Montreal Convention. 1000 SDR is somewhere 1500 USD as of today. But I doubt if they will give the full amount. Am I right?

4. Will Qatar ask me for the receipts of each item I claim?

5. Following are the details:
I can provide the receipt to Qatar if they ask. for most of the following brand new gift items. Handycam was old one.

shirts 98
suit 167
watch 110
2 clocks 50
sweaters 20
t shirts 18
perfums 9
handycam 434
6. I have a travel insurance which is liable to pay me 1000 USD max. But for per peice of luggage it might give only upto 50%. Will it still pay if Qatar pays me? or Will Qatar pay me if insurance is paid?

7. Because of the disorganized staff at the baggage claim, unavailaiblity of the PIR forms, unavailiblity of the letter of authorities I lost significant time just enough to miss my next connecting flight. All this happened eventhough I told the staff to speed up the process as I have the next flight to catch.
Also, I had gifts and my suit to wear for my brother's wedding which was in the bag. The same has lost the significance given the day of the wedding is past. Who can cover up for this loss? Or I have to sue Qatar?
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Old Dec 16, 09, 5:49 pm
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Forgot to mention that I am not part of any frequent flier club this was first time I was flying QR.
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Old Dec 17, 09, 9:30 am
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Can someone help me on this?
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Old Dec 23, 09, 6:37 am
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Exclamation US$

Originally Posted by Pavan123 View Post
Can someone help me on this?
Sorry to hear about your bad luck.

Luggage is eventually (it can take 18 months) paid per kilo lost at just 22 US$ per kilo.

So have a look at your luggage receipt and it will say how many kilograms of luggage you checked. Multiply that by 22 and that is how much you will recieve, less admin charges and taxes (approx 28%) of the sum.

My 18kg bag went missing with Qatar Airways and I recieved a cheque for just US$ 138. The cheque was arabic, took 6 weeks to clear and the bank took 25 US$ commision.

Your best bet, is to write a letter to Qatar Airways head office in your home country and demand the full sum back. Threaten legal action. Make sure your letter is official and typed.

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Old Dec 23, 09, 1:04 pm
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Thanks a lot FFlyer189 for the reply. Felt Sorry to hear your story, yu should have got about 400 USD as compensation. But you only got 138. Thats a shame.

Now, There is a good and a bad news. Good news is that they send me my bag yesterday. Bad news is as expected My handyCam and watch is missing. Can you believe the thief kept the empty case of my fossil watch right there. What a shame.

Now I am talking with airline staff again and see what can I do. I will definately threaten them for the legal action for sure.

Hard to imagine how in world can some people steal the valuables from somebody's bag and get away with it. And to add to misery there is no strong support of law against such acts.

Very disheartening.

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Old Dec 23, 09, 7:20 pm
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Always get travel insurance !!

QR lost my baggage once.. and found it a day later but by the time they sent it, 3 days had passed. QR did not offer any temporary compensation even. But my travel insurance did and I managed to get a total of US$800 to buy necessary items. Best shopping trip ever !
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Old Dec 24, 09, 10:05 am
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Agreed. Always buy travel insurance.

I did too. I am in the process of claiming the same. Again there is a problem. As I got my luggage I cannot claim for missing luggage (which could have been max 1000SDR = 1400 USD). Insurance policy do not cover the missing items in baggage. So now I am stuck again. And unfortunatley the missing items were electronic which is again disownded by airlines and insurance.
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