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abcedaria Oct 2, 08 8:04 am

Online check in BS pt76
Ok, I understand I'm slightly annoyed, so flame me a little bit.

I tried to check in online. Again. Not coming up. I rang up. Again. Fair enough, this time I'm on my amex flight, so I thought that may be the problem. Almost ten minutes on hold, I get told to log out of and log back in. I do it. On another computer. I tell the person on the phone this. I say its still not working. I get told that it's working for them, so am I sure that i've logged out. I mean I must admit there are times that I'm a little dim. But when I turn a laptop off, and go to a desktop, I'm pretty sure my level of retardation isn't that high. I try and explain this, saying that I understand how the interweb works ( I actually am an IT consultant), but keep getting ask if "Can I answer the question, have I logged out". When I say yes, for the third time, I have, I get told that it is working on qantas' end, so it should be working on mine. I see, you're asking why I'm slobbering at the mouth over this. Normally I wouldn't. I've had online check in problems for a while. I ring up, they tell me where I'm sitting, they hold the seat, its all good. However this time I get attitude and told I need to check for my seat again when I check in at quick check. No. Ok, I've been reading the AA board, and partially I want to say DYKWIA. However, what I'm really after is are other people having the same problem. I know family members had a problem yesterday when they flew. One could check in online, the other could not, on the same flight. I'm sort of wondering if I'm just slashing in the wind sending QF a please explain, or is this a problem that other people have experienced?

Oh, if you want to flame, please make it interesting. I'm a giant fan of new insults (not from you mum!) :D

thadocta Oct 2, 08 8:34 am

[FLAME]It is the BA forum which has the DYKWIA issue (well, at least more than the AA forum).[/FLAME]

In my experience, if there has been any sort of a change with a booking, it totally ruins any sort of online functionality - you can't OLCI, you can't make a change, you can do nil, zip, nada, zilch. Was this a factor with your booking?

I have also found that I can't OLCI if I book through AA, QF staff can see that it is an e-ticket, but the system can't, so it won't allow OLCI. Is this a factor in your recent expereinces?

As for why QF staff can do an OLCI but you can't, have you tried using a different browser? Sometimes if I can't do something using IE, it will work if I use Forefox or Flock. I am guessing that the cookie storage is different for each of the browsers, so opening a different browsing program will effectively result in a new session (the same as logging off).


abcedaria Oct 2, 08 9:00 am

There were no changes with this one. I thought ok, amex ticket, that could be it. But the second I started being told that they could see it, and it must be a problem on my end, I started getting a little bit annoyed. I must admit that I only run IE on all my rubbish, because that's my SOE. I was just going red in the face being told how to suck eggs by this person. I guess I'm just used to helpful people, who tell me my seat is held, rather then what I got this time. It's just a contradiction really when they send you Air, tell you that you're the so called top 1% (HA!), then you get told it must be a problem on your end. Oh qantas I love you, but sometimes you're as useless as my ex :D

thadocta Oct 2, 08 9:04 am

I am guessing it might be a problem caused by being an AMEX booking, and the way it was booked and ticketted.

As I mentioned, I have NEVER been able to OLCI for a booking I made through AA.COM - it is just the way the system delivers the e-ticket details through from Sabre to Amadeus. QF staff can see it is an e-ticket, but the OLCI system can't. I am guessing that something similar is happening with your booking.

As for QF staff *saying* they can do an OLCI, perhaps it is all just BS on their part..........

(btw, start using Flock as your browser, it is SO much quicker, and easier to use)


eoinnz Oct 2, 08 9:14 am

Perhaps when QF staff say they can do OLCI it means that the system is working on the whole, not relating it specifically to your ticket.

nonce Oct 2, 08 3:20 pm

Ok, I have done some investigation into this and a couple of comments.

Firstly, the QF staff access OLCI using your surname and PNR. So if it works for them and doesnt work for you I have the following suggestions;

1. Use your surname and PNR instead of the My Bookings function through your FF Login
2. Ensure you are using the first PAX surname (Alphabetical) so lets say there are two PAX in the bookings with a surname of Apples and Walter. You would use Apples and the PNR as this according to QF is PAX1
3. Firefox does a better job than Internet Exploder (see point 5.)
4. After QF have checked OLCI for your booking you may find that it works for you
5. Sometimes it is a cache issue in the browser, try clearing your cache. This can be an issue with some proxies that do not implement proper cache control. This prevents the right page which has OLCI enabled in the booking from being delivered to your browser.

Hope this helps.

abcedaria Oct 2, 08 5:24 pm

Originally Posted by eoinnz (Post 10459528)
Perhaps when QF staff say they can do OLCI it means that the system is working on the whole, not relating it specifically to your ticket.

Thats what I thought the first time this happened. The next time it happened the consultant was actually in my account, and couldn't get it to work. This time the consultant said it was not greyed out for her.

Alas, I can't move to firefox. All my of my computers are built to a soe, and I need to keep that unless I want the gods of wrath to pour coffee all over me.

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