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FF Silver not allowed in QC/Business Class check in??

FF Silver not allowed in QC/Business Class check in??


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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by fakecd:
Encountered a moron check-in agent at SYD on Friday afternoon at QC counters. Amongst other pax dressed in suit, I was wearing T-shirt and Jeans and looked "slightly" out of place.

When it's my turn, this agent insisted QC checkin is only for Sapphire and Emerald. What a joke. I said to him clamly that's he's mistaken and OW benefits clearly states lowly ruby are also entitled. HE still insisted I have to go to Economy Class counters. Probably this agent just had a cranky afternoon and wanted to pick on an innocent looking Asian. Who knows...Well, he picked the wrong guy.

I said to him, "Fine, just give me your name", and he said "I'm xxxx, now please go"... I responded, "If you want me to go, that's fine. Just please write down your full name on this paper" and handed my diary and pen. At that time, he looked intimidated. I kept my cool despite his absolute rudeness and lack of professionalism. As I noted down the checkin-counter's number, this agent became fearful and just handed my boarding pass to me. He looked away and did not even say "have a good trip". I thanked him, and walked away.

So, here's the point:
These guys at check-in are FULLY aware who can check-in, but they just want to let out their frustration. Maybe this guy thought I'm naive, but obviously he was mistaken. So, next time an agent refuse to check you in, don't argue, just note down his/her name, and prepare to walk away. They will get the s*its with their supervisor later, if you write to QF...
Sorry to hear about your experience .. I would have gone ape **** and got myself kicked out of the airport... ANYhow....

I had a similar experience in LAX. The Business check-in (AA) line was massive and the executive platinum line was empty.. some kid tried to check in with her and she yelled at him (quite loudly, and embarrased him some what). I stepped forward and politely told the check in agent he was with me and I had a go at her.
Got her name, date and time, called AA with a rather well trained monkey "we're sorry".

I remember the first day of my business management course...

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