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FF service centre issues

Has anyone encountered any problems with the FF service centre? I dont have cause to deal with them an awful lot but on each and every time I do it seems they just cant do it right.

I flew BKK-FCO in Sept last year - a rebooking from another carrier due to that carriers aircraft going tech. The lady who checked me in at the QF transfer counter in BKK couldn't get my FF number to go into the system (later worked out why - she had spelt my name incorrectly so it didnt match my FF account) and told me that I would have to send the boarding card in for retroactive credit.

I duly did this when I got home and in early December the miles were credited for BKK-SYD.

So I sent a copy of the boarding card in along with a letter explaining that it wasn't BKK to SYD but BKK to FCO. In Feb I got a computer generated letter back from QF saying that all the appropriate miles had been credited to my account. So I checked the account and nothing had changed ... was still showing BKK-SYD.

So I rang them up to question this. After being put through to three people, the last one told me that the boarding pass was incorrectly printed and I was only entitled to the BKK-SYD mileage which had allready been credited.

The logic that I might have actually flown BKK-FCO seemed to escape her - I asked why if I flew BKK-SYD would I have a SYD-BKK flight credited to my LH account for the day before and FCO-MUC-DRS credited for the same day as I was according to QF, back in SYD! I also told her that I had boarding cards to that effect. Furthermore I questioned why if I flew BKK-SYD the flight number as credited and was QF15 which is the outbound flight and not QF16 which would be the flight coming back to Australia.

She told me that all the points and tier credits which I was entitled to had allready been credit to my account and as such there was nothing more she could do.

Now I was going to let it go ... but after their latest efforts I'm not so sure I want to let it drop.

I took a AY domestic flight in April. FF number entered into the PNR and showed on the boarding card. Outbound didn't credit but the return did.

Sent it in to them when I got back; no movement on my account to date. Thought I would ring them up, just to make sure they had got it and it hadn't gone missing in the post... "ohhh yeah we got something in late June from you, it hasn't been looked at yet; should be looked at in the next 4 weeks and we will need six weeks to verify the activity with the partner airline"

Great... fly in mid April, and you might have the points by October!

Now that I have had my whinge I would just like to say that the automatic point crediting for QF flights is superb - the points will often hit the account within 6 hrs of stepping off the plane.

Howver, having said that has anyone had any similar problems with the service centre with regards to getting points credited and does anyone have any suggestions as to what I do from here?

Best Regards

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