Rat Race

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Rat Race

If you haven't seen the film Rat Race and are planning to, you might prefer not to read on - but I'll try not to give too much away.

On a Qantas flight Sydney to Ayers Rock the other day, they showed Rat Race. It has been a long time since I saw a film worth watching on QF domestic so I wasn't expecting much, but the film had some funny moments and was a pleasant enough diversion.

Toward the end, there is a scene where John Cleese and a group of wealthy friends are at a rock concert. The camera is focused on Mr Cleese and this group for a while - except for one character in the group who is conspicuously blurred out with that square matrix effect.

So, squinting to try to see what I was missing, the character appears to be a gentleman wearing a cloth-type head covering.

But why was he blurred out? His character was, as far as I can tell, a benign non-entity just hanging around doing nothing in terms of the film, but someone has evidently decided that I don't want to see him.

Can anyone help me? What is it with this character that they don't want me to see?

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The airline version of this film has the guy mosiacced out due to the fact he's of Arabic appearance with a head covering similar to OBL's.
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A couple weeks ago I flew domestic first from, I don't know, Brisbane to SYD. At the start of the movie, just a couple people had their headphones on.

Their laughter pervaded the cabin. Curious, other passengers put down their newspapers and tuned in. Soon the laughter of the newcomers added to the din.

Having already seen the movie, I was curious about the reaction. In a short time, most of the cabin was tuned in. One holdout, a gentleman in the bulkhead was busy at his PC. Halfway through the movie he could take the disembodied background laughter no more. He asked his seatmate how to work the little personal video. In short order, this holdout was one of the crowd, laughing out loud with the best of them.

What is a flight attendant to do?
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We had this on NW on the way from NRT to SFO last month, and unfortunately I started watching another movie and didnt tune it in while I was alert, but the woman next to me and her daughter were laughing hysterically, which drew lots of annoyed glances from other BC passengers. It was good to see someone laughing like that, sometimes you just have to release the stress. Probably a good idea to but on nice comedies like this these days.

The NW version didnt have the man in question blurred out (I fell asleep before it restarted and woke up just in time to catch the rock concert part). Not sure exactly why it is necessary to blur a minor character in a movie out.
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