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Worth reading if you have an ANZ credit card - rental excess +Roadside Asist bennies

Worth reading if you have an ANZ credit card - rental excess +Roadside Asist bennies

Old Aug 23, 05, 7:26 am
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Exclamation Worth reading if you have an ANZ credit card - rental excess +Roadside Asist bennies

Many of us here I know have the ANZ Qantas FF card to get Qantas miles. I do, and max it out each month.

Many of us also have the ANZ standard Gold card that for years has given me free overseas full travel insurance saving me $1000s. That card please note accrues NO miles on it.

Recently the latter card has had included FREE Auto Assist that I have used many times this year to get a battery charge and flat tyre fixed etc. I have cancelled my NRMA membership, which alone was costing me what the Gold card costs annually. ^

The new rental car excess cover within Australia applies even if you you do NOT book the rental using that card. Many here might not realise that. It is an AUTOMATIC benefit you have.

From my reading of it below this Auto Assist policy seems available to holders of the Qantas ANZ card (or any other ANZ card) for a payment $A33 a year, and others might like to think on that.

How do you apply for ANZ Auto Assist?

ANZ Gold cardholders are automatically enrolled in ANZ Auto Assist at no additional cost. All other cardholders can obtain an ANZ Auto Assist membership for a yearly fee of $33 (inc. GST). To apply or simply find out more about ANZ Auto Assist, call ANZ Credit Cards on 13 22 73, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This week Lynn and I were driving around the Kimberleys and Darwin via a range of QF flights there and back.

The dreaded event we all hope does not happen - did happen.

We hit and killed a dingo on the main highway in broad daylight and slightly dented the bumper bar of our rental car. (No Lindy jokes please ) So slight the rental agent Manager could not even see it when we showed her when taking back the car and pointing to it, in full daylight. (Car was a Hyundai Accent which has a lot of fancy rolls and crimps in bumper design, and one more just did not look obvious at all!)

However, we had DECLINED the Rental insurance cover, and by doing so were going to be debited $2500+GST ($2750) for the small dent.

We rang ANZ before reporting it, and they said we simply needed to report it, PAY FOR THE EXCESS on the Gold Card, (well worth knowing as otherwise we'd have used amex to get 2500 bonus miles + 50% bonus!) complete a form, attach the repair quote from rental company, and they will adjust one against the other and credit it all back to the card less our $A350 card excess. A lot better than $2,750. And they said all will occur during the card monthly billing cycle. We also completed a WA Police Report as damage was likely over $1,000.

i.e. if rental company debits the $2,750 when you take back car - which they do, and their repair quote to insurer for new bumper is say $1,750 when they add downtime to car and other nonsense etc, etc, the insurance pays them that $1,750, and then refunds your card the full $2,750 less the $350 card excess. That is the total $$ extend of your liability in this case. $A350.

So far it has all gone smoothly. Insurer says it looks a trouble free claim as no other vehicle or property is involved that might delay settlement.

Rental company wanted about $A25 a DAY for this same excess reduction - to reduce the $2,750 to $A330 total. So paying them that $25 a day, or $100 is a lot more than the ANZ Gold card costs a year, to give only the same cover the rental company gives. And with the Card we get free Auto Assist all year and free O/S travel Ins.

Look into it carefully is my advice.



Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess Cover

How Rental Insurance Excess Cover works

Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess Cover reduces your
excess if you have an accident in a hire car. Most car rental
companies generally charge around $20 to $23 per day
per car hired for this type of insurance. If you do not take
out this cover, your excess for damage to a rental vehicle
could be around $2,000 to $4,000. ANZ Auto Assist
provides you with cover up to $2,400, less an excess of
$350. This means that in event of a collision, you will only
pay the first $350 where the damage does not exceed
$2,400. If the damage exceeds $2,400, ANZ Auto Assist
will pay $2,400 less the excess of $350, a total amount of
$2,050. You will have to pay the balance of any damage
costs that exceed the amount paid by ANZ Auto Assist.
The policy is valid, provided you have a formal rental
agreement with the car hire company and comply with
the policy’s terms and conditions.

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Old Aug 23, 05, 2:40 pm
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pretty handy to know that! I wonder why I get spammed by anz to join auto assist?? I have the normal anz gold card

good on you for using a credit card insurance and having it work out in your favour!
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Old Aug 23, 05, 4:06 pm
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I'm going to have to read this advice seriously as I'm getting a tad tired of paying $20 to $30 per day extra insurance on car rental cars in Oz and OS.

I'm not really game not to have extra cover on US rentals though! I somewhat think you just can't get enough insurance in that legal minefield of freedom and paranoia.
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Old Aug 23, 05, 8:53 pm
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og, doesn't travel insurance cover your rental car excess?

Ozstamps, that is great info! I have an ANZ cc but not gold nor FF (am thinking of changing, though!).
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Old Aug 23, 05, 9:08 pm
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goosegreen - yes worth you looking at I do think.

The ANZ Gold Card offers TRAVEL INSURANCE overseas as long as you spend $A250 on that card BEFORE you leave on that travel - any aspect of it. AND the charge is processed BEFORDS you leave the country. I use it to pay airline taxes which are always over $250 wherever I go - or the initial deposit it is often handy for and pay for the few $1000 real cost with Amex.

And yes that card DOES cover some car rental OVERSEAS insurance - we have had several long threads on this in the past actually.

HOWEVER I have generally posted in agreeance with og.

And for that reason now nearly always rent cars in USA from here via:


As they offer ALL insurance in the rate usually for USA. Often at LESS in total $$$s than car company offers base rental for. And with same company.

http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/showt...86#post2978586 - QF forum on cars

http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/showt...2&page=2&pp=15 - QF rental June 04

http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/showt...84#post3783884 - March 05

The ANZ Gold card offers insurance for ALL members of your family, or your partner while on same trip. Therefore a $500 basic policy for a family of 4 for a trip OS is fully covered by the one less than $A100 annual policy of Gold Card. PLUS you get the renal cover IN oz, plus Auto Assist. AND you need fill out no paperwork before you fly.

As we fly 4 or 5 times overseas it is a total no-brainer for us.
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Old Aug 23, 05, 9:14 pm
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As an example this was a case in point from March this year, renting from Atlanta:

On http://www.driveaway.com.au I got for 4 days a $A348 all up price which it says covers - and it is clearly an Alamo car as it says so!:


* Local tax as of booking date 07-Mar-2005
* Unlimited kilometres.
* Rental includes Collision Damage coverage which limits potential vehicle damage liability to an excess of approximately ZERO.
* Rental includes Theft Protection for the vehicle which limits potential vehicle damage liability to an excess of approximately ZERO.
* Third Party Liability Insurance for injuries or damages to persons or things outside the vehicle.
* Extended Liability Protection

* Sales Tax.
* State Taxes.
* Airport fee where applicable.
* Vehicle Licensing Fee.
* 24 Hour Roadside Assistance.


* Insurance for personal injuries / damage to drivers and passengers, optional coverage may be offered locally for an additional fee.
* Petrol: In order to avoid refuelling charges, client is advised to return the vehicle with a full fuel tank and to retain copies of petrol receipts.
* Local toll, highway fees or travel stickers which may be required by local authorities.
* Additional supplier levied charges may apply.

Go to Alamo website and choose same Chevvy Cavalier for same 4 days, same ATL collect and drop, and tick insurance and I got $A423.51 all up. Or about $A80 difference.

However the ANZ policy covered injury to US pax in the car I believe, unless we were negligent, and the other covers did not.
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