FF Status Renewal Date?


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FF Status Renewal Date?

Hi all,

maybe this has been asked before, if so, please accept my apologies.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before: my WP status ran until 31-03-05 and I was about 150 SC short of automatic renewal. I then sent an email to Jenny Chamberlain with my travel plans (quite extensive) and received the standard email back stating they would take this into account and all...

However, on the QF website my status still is WP, expiring 31-03-05 and no update has been made to any of the membership details..

Anyone any idea why this is and/or when they are likely to re-assess my WP status?

As I am travelling on the QF31 next week, I would like to have a new WP membership card beforehand to avoid all the explaining

Thanks in advance.

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In my experience, the new card has always been sent about 2 months before the old one expires. Since your current card has expired, I suggest you call the QF FF service centre and ask about your new card.
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Given that it is April 6, what does your online Frequent Flyer status say?
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Yes, there have been plenty of examples in previous extensive threads where QF had re-qualified Plats early (me included).

I'd second swissbignose's comment - what are you showing on-line now?

If you don't have the new card, I'd print out your latest Activity Statement and carry with me, just in case. Don't forget that QC Lounge CSA's can go in and check your status on-line.

Either way, I can't se how they wouldn't have re-qual'ed you, given how close you were, your current bookings and the impending 25 May changes. They were very nice to most Plat's trying to retain our business...
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Thanks guys,

given how close I was, that was the main reason for me asking the question QF WP: I read that some WP's were re-qualified early.....

Since my Online statement reads:

Current Status: Platinum
Status reassessment will occur: 31 Mar 2005

it looks like they have forgotten about me

Should probably phone the service desk, only thing that worries me is that they might just forgo the whole re-qualification to either speed things up or because they deem me to be annoying

Hmm..... QF's mysterious ways......
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