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Hi all

Both Qantas and Rex have their own frequent flyer programs.

This has made me think that it would be a good idea to have one forum where Australians and members of Australian frequent flyer programs, can all congregate, discuss their ff programs and drink copious amounts of beer. ^

Accordingly I suggestion that the Qantas forum be renamed as follows

Australian Departure Lounge (Qantas, Rex etc)

One other advantage is that "A" comes a lot earlier than "Q" so it will push this forum up the list a bit.

cheers Peter

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Unhappy Why bother

I don't think this forum is broken, so I see no need to fix it.

We're a unique bunch here on the QFF forum - (I would suspect) we tend to stick here for the majority of our congregating in FT, we talk about subjects until somebody takes it off-topic (usually related to alcohol, bus trips or black holes) and then maybe come back on topic when we have exhausted all off-topic chat (or on the off occasion that the moderator finds his way back here and decides that the topic deserves talking about again ) ...

Who flies Rex anyway... - that would only take one topic and you'd have exhausted all available information to talk about. I've barely seen Rex mentioned in post since I joined...

You'll see that where it is warranted, we even discuss those other Australian airlines (mainly DJ, just to keep QF honest); but they're only really used for comparison purposes...
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I agree with QF WP, there's no reason to rename this forum. If it ain't broke don't fix it

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Originally Posted by ffhound
drink copious amounts of beer. ^
Not all of us are beer drinkers either! Not all of us are even men!
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I agree. No need to change it.
If you wish to discuss REX or other operators may I suggest this forum.
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Originally Posted by goosegreen
Not all of us are beer drinkers either! Not all of us are even men!
There are definately a few around here who prefer the bubbly stuff - and seem to have a preference for those that come from France. Others prefer the stuff distilled in Scotland. Others know the difference between all the bin numbers at Penfolds. And I am fairly certain we have regulars from both side of the gender fence. So we really quite a diverse lot around here .

But I do have to ask one question. Rex who? Is he a fisherman? A footballer? A flibbertygibbet? A gin drinker?
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Since we often discuss JQ and DJ in here (well DJ less, but they come up in the context of sales and fare matching, etc) I don't see why a Rex (what is ther code anyway?) topic couldn't come up when required, but we don't need to change the topic since most discussions are about the QF FF program in particular. DJ doesn't have one, JQ will still leave you behind if you arrive 1 minute late no matter how frequently you fly, and rex? Well if you want a free flight between oh, Wagga and Tamworth (or some other obscure city pair that Rex serve) - rock on!

I vote for no change!
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"Who flies Rex anyway... - that would only take one topic and you'd have exhausted all available information to talk about. I've barely seen Rex mentioned in post since I joined..."

This little Plat. duck has just discovered Rex. They charged $88 ABX-SYD when QF wanted about $250 for a flight just a few minutes later. That's a no brainer. And, the Rex Saab was a brand new bird. The cabin smelt of nice leather - just like the Concorde. I also like the feeling of the Rex FF program (fly 9 get one free - any flight that has a commercial seat available). This is better than the QF lottery by far. Cabin service seems consistent with the red rat and they will interline with Vermin (just to avoid the DeathStar flights). We need Rex to keep a lid on QF.
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Originally Posted by og
"[I]We need Rex to keep a lid on QF.
I agree og, historically the red e-deal prices offered by QF on Rex routes have been lower than routes using the same aircraft over similar distances on routes not operated by Rex (eg SYD-TMW, SYD-MRZ). Even now they seem to be around $20 cheaper.

Having said all that I would agree that this is a QF Forum, and there is no need to change name. If DJ ever bring in the FF program that they have "waiting in the wings" I am sure a board will start to discuss that. And as for Rex (ZL - the old Hazelton code), there isn't much to talk about - fly 9 times & get one free is pretty simple (and due to some family in MQL I actually find the free flights useful and I must say easy to use - no worries about U, T or X availability - you only need a spare seat to use it).
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