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TheAmEx Apr 7, 21 2:00 pm

Redeeming Qantas for AA Flight
I redeemed AmEx MR Points for Qantas miles and booked a domestic US award flight by American Airlines. Qantas is requesting passport information... for a domestic flight. I don't yet have a passport (applied a month ago), but I didn't think I'd need one, considering I live in the US. Anyone else have a similar experience?

Dave Noble Apr 7, 21 2:07 pm

As long as the flight is booked, nothing to be concerned about. If you go to the AA site and access the booking there via the AA booking reference, I doubt very much that it will be asking for that information

It is not uncommon for oddities when booking flights on the website of one airline for travel on another airline

TheAmEx Apr 7, 21 2:37 pm

I’m not able to find it via AA booking reference; it says that the reference number is invalid. It seems that the flight is not booking without completing the APIS

Dave Noble Apr 7, 21 2:47 pm

In which case, probably best to call Qantas to get it resolved

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