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surfergold Apr 16, 20 4:47 pm

Qantas App problem
For some time now I have found that the app is failing to Sync so have scrubbed the App then re installed it but it is still happening. There is an apology from Qantas that they are having technical issues, this has occurred for a number of days now.
When I look at my phone app it has the flights on it that do not/refuse to show on my larger screened gadgets.
Any one else having the problem ?
They flights are Qantas flights booked with them and are not alliance except a BA series but that shows no problem.
The bookings ate a series of three all fairly involved and are in Australia/ going too/leaving from.
Normally a great App for a main airline as main airline Apps go.

mikalee Apr 16, 20 5:11 pm

The app appears working for me. It was not synching a few days ago, but next time I went in all seems in order. I am on iOS and the latest version of the app.

number_6 Apr 17, 20 1:10 am

It syncs on my iphone (though slower than usual) but hangs on my Samsung phone. Ostensibly same app version on both :)

surfergold Apr 23, 20 3:28 pm

Hmm thanks for your replies but no joy on my pad, it’s only ever shown three out of the four bookings I have made, absolutely refuses to sync properly and says “try again” for about four months.
The missing booking shows up on other devises I have such as my phone but misses others, this is disappointing as all usually works well. E.g four months ago.
The error message that consistently occurs says that it is “having technical issues please try later”
Don't fancy phoning since there tends to be long waiting since Cov-19 problem.
Will be very happy if I can fly as all my bookings are starting in November onwards.
P.s thanks for the 12 month extension on my Platinum FF status to February 2022 when I can eventually use it.

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