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Is A Date Change On Qantas Free?

I'm going to be studying abroad in Brisbane during the upcoming spring semester and since its almost time to book the flights I've got a question about it. I'm going with this program called The Education Abroad Network and they give you the option of booking through one of their travel agencies where the flights are already picked out for you. The return flight it set for June 29 because this is the day after final exams end, but the final exam period is over two weeks long. This is what it says on the program's website about booking the flights through them:

"Many students change their return tickets based on their personal exam schedule. Students will not receive their exam schedule until they arrive overseas. If a student decides to change their return date at that time, please keep the following in mind: If you book a group flight on Qantas Airways through The Education Abroad Network, you will be allowed to make one free date change. We do notice that many of our participants tend to have exams toward the earlier part of the exam schedule so most are able to leave early anyway, but there is no way to guarantee this before you leave."

The thing is, I've found the exact same itinerary on QF's website and its about $100 cheaper (Red Tail fare class). Will QF also allow me to change the date of my return for free if I book through their website?
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Unlikely, Cheap tickets are cheap for a reason:- fixed date & no refunds
Check carefully the t&c of the Red-e ticket you are considering

For $100 I would stick with the group flight deal with QF if dates can be changed.
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It is unlikely that a cheap fare will have a free date change, however you can see the rules associated with the ticket on the QF website and see. If you click on where it says "red tail" , a pop up will open with the rules. Using a random LAX-MEL ticket, the Red Tail ticket shows a $200 change fee, so you are likely better off with the negotiated fare offered plus may be in a better booking class too
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