Qantas WP7 App

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Qantas WP7 App

I saw the new Windows Phone app advertised in the Qantas magazine yesterday so downloaded it with the Sydney J lounge wifi and had a bit of a fiddle while waiting for the flight.

It's nice that they haven't neglected the more discerning smartphone users amongst us like so many other businesses. It's also a proper app, not one that just displays lite versions of webpages with a bit of a border around it.

Flights can be pinned to the main menu, and when they have been pinned, they display days/time left until departure. You can also set alarms linked to flights, but would've been nice if it could integrate into the phone calendar instead. It is also able to Facebook/tweet etc flight details.

An annoying bug is that it if there is more than one person on the same PNR, it displays the same flight once for every passenger - i.e. all my flights with two passengers come up twice in my upcoming flights list.

Once checked in, I noticed if I 'clicked' on the flight, it came up with a blank screen with 'Priority Security' or similar as the title. It didn't seem to be working properly, but is this going to be an alternative to the Express Pass cards? I hope so! Although, it may conflict with the no mobile phones in the customs area rule.

Overall, quite nice, and mildly useful. A lot better than Air NZ's WP7 offering.

Here's a link with some pictures:
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Thank you for the tip.

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